Drivers that love driving a manual car seem to be a dying breed. Why? Because the automatic transmission is way more convenient and easy to drive. However, if not done right, you can damage your car transmission and that can cost a lot to repair or in worst-cost scenarios, cost even more to replace the whole transmission. So, today’s article will discuss ten things to avoid with an automatic gearbox.

Manual Gearbox – Never do these 10 things

Driving without warming the engine

It is advised that a car should be warmed for at least 30 seconds before driving, especially in a cold climate. It is to let the engine get to the ideal temperature helping it to function better. Also never push your engine a lot when it’s cold.

Using two feet while driving an automatic car

automatic transmission

Using both feet while driving an automatic car can lead to a crash. You might end up pressing both pedals simultaneously. It can also stress out the transmission fluid, torque converter, and brake fluid of the car.

Leaving the car in drive mode when still

Keeping your car in drive when you are not actively driving can result in overheating. An overheated engine can cause problems, from the cylinder head to the seals and gaskets. If you are stuck in a big traffic jam, it is better to put the car in park mode.

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Driving an automatic car downhill in neutral

Never put your car in neutral while downhill coasting, as it reduces your control of the car. You cannot accelerate from a tricky situation, you lose engine braking, running the risk of overheating the brakes when going downhill.

Getting water in your transmission

Never drive an automatic transmission over waterlogged roads. Water in the transmission may cause irreversible damage to your transmission, as it may prevent your transmission gears from shifting.

Driving frequently with less fuel

fuel Guage

Contaminants or foreign particles can settle at the bottom of the fuel tank of your car over a while. When you drive on low fuel, these contaminants can enter the engine. It is harmful to your car in the long run.

Not stopping before switching from reverse to drive

Never switch quickly from reverse to drive, if you have not stopped properly. Such a manoeuvre puts unnecessary pressure on your transmission. No matter if you are driving or reversing first, always brake before switching gears.

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Shifting into park while driving

In some automatic transmission cars, you can shift into the park while you are driving. Do not do this, even while you are crawling. Doing so can damage the break or the locking pin.

Forgetting to shift to the parking brake

The parking brake of your car helps it remain steady while in a parking space. If the parking brake is not applied, the transmission of the car is not locked, there are high chances that the car may roll away. It is one of the most important things you should never do in an automatic car.

Resting your hand on the gear stick

things to avoid with automatic

Resting your hand on the gear lever may cause you to unwittingly apply pressure to the selector fork and other internal parts. In the long run, this habit can speed up the wear and tear of the gearbox components. It is always advisable to not rest your hand on the gear stick. This is the easiest mistake to correct when remembering things to avoid with an automatic gearbox.

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