Driving in rains is something that a lot of new drivers fear. There are a lot of irrationally fears like braking failing and or breaking down the car. We are going to cover it all in this article on how to drive safely in rain. Also in between, there is a way you can make sure that you are never stranded in rain.

Gets your vehicle checked

Being prepared for rains is very important. Check your vehicle and get it serviced if it is close to the service intervals. Check your electrical wiring and insulate it if it has worn out. If you have any check lights popping up in the first rain do makes sure that they do not indicate any major trouble. The best way is to get a pressure wash that can simulate the effect of rain and trigger if something is wrong. Make sure your tyres are in good shape and your wheels are aligned. Read about wheel alignment advantages below.

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Use lights

Using lights is very essential during rains. Do not use indicators, make sure that you use foglamps and keep the headlight on a low beam. It is important for others to see you. If you put the lights on high beam it might refect onto the rain and hit you back in the eye.

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Drive Slow

Drive slow but keep up with the pace of the lane. Make sure that you have enough speed that does not get you hit from behind. Anticipate the traffic and stay  more alert. Brake in advance and brake gradually. If you have ESP on your car keep it on the highest setting and make use of the modes if you have it on your car.

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Keep Distance

Braking becomes weak in rains. So make sure that you keep adequate distance between the car in front of you. This will give you time to react and also give a buffer incase anything goes wrong with your car.

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What if everything goes wrong?

If accidentally something goes wrong and you are stranded in rain then it would be helpful if you have roadside assistance. Roadside assistance would provide you with a cab service as well as make sure that your car reaches the garage on a flatbed. If you want to know more about roadside assistance then take a look at the article below.

What do you get with Roadside Assistance?

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