Drivers who can drive with a manual gearbox seem to be a dying breed. Why? Because the automatic transmission is way more convenient and easy to drive. Also driving a manual requires certain skills and guidelines. If you don’t follow these rules, you will damage your car adding to its service costs. Here are some things you should not do while driving a manual car.

Ciaz 2018 six speed gearbox

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Leaving your car in gear while waiting on a signal

Leaving your car in gear while stationary will not only wear out your leg muscles but will also put needless strain on the clutch. It is much better to put your car in neutral and apply a handbrake. By doing this you are extending the life of the clutch.

Resting your hand on the gear stick

Resting your hand on the gear stick while it’s in gear may cause you to unwittingly apply pressure to the selector fork and other internal parts. In the long run, this habit can speed up the wear and tear of the gearbox components. Once you have changed gear, take your hand off and put it back on the wheel.

Using wrong gears with wrong speeds

With a manual gearbox using wrong gears at the wrong speed stresses the engine. This will cause strain on the transmission and the engine of the car. Continuously driving with mismatched gears is not good for the car in the long run.

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Manual Gearbox: Coasting in neutral to save fuel

It is widely believed that switching the gearbox to neutral in a manual gearbox while driving will save fuel. But by doing this you will have no control of the cars speed as it will only decrease. You cannot accelerate from a tricky situation, you lose engine braking, running the risk of overheating the brakes when going downhill.

Releasing the clutch too soon

This will make your car jerk while putting excessive pressure on the engine and transmission. This overheats the clutch. This is a common problem for new drivers. But with regular driving and practice with a manual gearbox, you can avoid this.

Never shift gears without engaging the clutch

Not engaging the clutch while shifting gears can be harmful to the manual gearbox of your car. The main function of the clutch is to control the friction between transmission and engine. If gears are shifted without a clutch the car will find it hard to find the perfect balance. 

Pressing the clutch continuously while driving

The clutch is only supposed to be engaged while braking or changing gears. If you keep it half-pressed while driving, it will lead to friction and the clutch will wear out sooner. It will increase the maintenance cost of the car.

Flooring the accelerator when engine revs are low

Travelling at slow speeds on higher gears and flooring the accelerator pedal puts stress on the engine. Instead, build up the speed by gently pressing the accelerator pedal or shifting down the gears before putting your foot down.

Manual Gearbox: Never downshift if your RPM is high

A higher RPM usually means the car is producing more power, but it also means it’s time to shift to a higher gear. So naturally, downshifting with a high RPM will make the engine work even harder, resulting in the engine exceeding its redline or overheating.

Manual transmission

Manual Gearbox: Never grind the gears

One of the most common driving mistakes is grinding the gears. This is caused when the clutch has not been engaged properly or one might be fidgeting with the gear lever when the car is moving. Grinding the gears leads to an unpleasant sound and unnecessary wear. Avoid shifting gears with a half-pressed clutch.

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