Panoramic sunroofs are one of the most demanded features in the Indian market. Earlier, only luxury cars used to come with a panoramic sunroof but now more and more mass-market cars are coming with this feature. The panoramic sunroof helps in making the interior airier and reduces the claustrophobic effect of dark interiors. Let’s see all the cars with panoramic sunroof under 25 lakhs.

Best & unique segment-first features under Rs 25 Lakh

Hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta Facelift
One of the bestselling SUVs in India, Creta surely knows how to attract its audience. The Creta comes with a large panoramic sunroof which can be operated with voice commands. The sunroof is available from the SX variant of the car. The pricing of the SX variant starts from Rs 15.63 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

Hyundai Alcazar

SUVs to buy under 30 lakhs

Alcazar is one of the newest launches in the seven-seater segment. The Alcazar, like the Creta, comes with a large panoramic sunroof. The panoramic sunroof also comes with a voice command feature. In the Alcazar, panoramic sunroof is present from the base – Prestige Variant.  The pricing of the Prestige variant starts from Rs 19.53 lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

Hyundai Alcazar beat these cars in just 13 days!

Tata Harrier

tata Harrier
The Tata Harrier is a great all-around SUV by Tata motors. It has a great design and overall road presence. The harrier comes with a panoramic sunroof from the XZ variants. The pricing of this variant starts from Rs 22.05 lakhs (on-road Mumbai).

Tata Safari

tata safari
The Safari is an iconic and premium SUV launched by Tata Motors. The Safari carries forward a lot of features from the Harrier, and a panoramic sunroof is one of them. The Tata Safari gets the panoramic sunroof from the XT plus variants.  The pricing of these variants starts from Rs 22.56 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai).

Tata Safari – Features over Harrier

MG Hector and Hector Plus

MG Hector
The duo of MG Hector and Hector Plus is one of the most feature-packed cars in India. So, it comes as no surprise that both these cars come with large panoramic sunroofs. In both cars, the Sharp Variant offers a panoramic sunroof. The pricing of the Sharp variant starts from Rs 20.54 lakhs for Hector and Rs 21.37 lakhs for the Hector Plus (on-road Mumbai).

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