Volkswagen Polo is available in three trim levels. The base variant of the Polo which is the Trendline variant does not have many features. It starts at Rs 6.16 lakhs (ex-showroom). Now we will not be talking about performance updates as the 1.0-MPi is not really apt for aftermarket tuning. We have made a list of five features that you can add to your base variant Volkswagen Polo to increase and improve the convenience and comfort.

Plug and Play Headlights

This is the most basic update that you can make on your new base variant Volkswagen Polo. A lot of plug and play headlight units are available in the market. Play units do not require wiring to be sliced so the warranty remains intact. Also, they have a lot of features like swipe indicators and projector LED headlamps which improve the visibility and the look of the car together. Adding the headlines drastically changes the look of the vehicle and this is a modification that we suggest you should do.

base variant Volkswagen Polo Headlights

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Infotainment system

After headlights, the most obvious modification on the base variant Volkswagen Polo that anyone would do on their vehicle is a new infotainment system. You can add a complete 6 speaker unit including Twitter and subwoofer on your Volkswagen Polo. Adding a bass tube in the boot cord take up a lot of space but the sound would be worth it. There are of the market infotainment systems which come with wireless android auto and Apple CarPlay. Also comes with additional features like steering mounted controls or clamp-on steering controls.

base variant Volkswagen Polo INfortainment

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Alloy Wheels

Now the Volkswagen Polo comes with three wheel sizes ranging from 14-inch wheels to 16-inch wheels. You can upgrade your base variant Polo to 16-inch wheels. You can also change the tire profile according to your driving type. Adding alloy wheels to the vehicle will not only change the way your car handles. We suggest that you change the alloy wheels right when it is time to change the tyres. These will not only gel well with the new set of tires but also make the car look and handle well.

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Sun Shades

Adding sun shades is a great way to protect the interiors of your car as well as keeping the car cool. You can choose from a netted sunshade. Volkswagen sells sunshades for the bacon but they usually cost more than what you get in the aftermarket. Sunshades will also keep your car from attracting attention if you have valuable placed inside it while it is parked. These are a great way to replace tints which are illegal in a lot of states.

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Roof Box

Adding a roof box to your Volkswagen Polo is something that you should consider if you are to carrying a lot of stuff. We are not suggesting that the Volkswagen Polo does not have enough boot space but if you want to have additional luggage mounted on the top of your vehicle then getting a roof box from Volkswagen which fits the vehicle properly is the best option. Also with a roof box, you can have the boot empty which would leave space if you want to have a good sub-woofer in there.

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The base price of the Volkswagen Polo is Rs 7.37 lakhs for the 1.0-litre MPI Trendline variant. Even if you consider Rs 1 lakh for all these modifications then you get a good deal out of this at Rs 8.37 lakhs. If you have car buying doubts click here to ask! Get the lowest price for car insurance here. For more such content stay subscribed to MotorOctane Youtube, Google News Facebook and Twitter. Also, follow us on Flipboard and Reddit where we have a discussion community.


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