Mahindra Thar is the hottest lifestyle product in the country as of today. The car brings rugged looks, serious off-roading capabilities and muscular road presence straight to the table. With Mahindra selling close to 50,000 units of the new Thar till now, it is really easy to gauge the popularity of this vehicle. Although the Thar is a great product, there is one crucial element that the Thar still lacks which do repel some customers away from this lifestyle vehicle. We are talking about a 5-door variant of this car. The 3-door variants are great, however, a 5-door variant is much more practical when compared to the former. Mahindra has understood this and is all set to bring a 5-door variant of the Thar in the future. In this article, we will discuss 3 things that you should know about the Mahindra Thar 5-door.

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Design and specifications

2022 Mahindra Thar five door

Mahindra Thar 5 door would borrow design cues & elements from the regular 3-door Thar. However, being a 5-door would require the car to be longer in order to accommodate the extra doors as well as the extra seating capacity. We expect the 5-door variant to be at least a meter longer than the 3-door variant. Mahindra will have to stretch the same platform which the 3-door Thar sits on. The Thar is expected to borrow elements like suspensions from the upcoming Scorpio. This would help Mahindra keep costs in check. It will get a split tailgate design, 18-inch alloy wheels, exposed door hinges and an off-road gearbox, similar to the 3-door Thar. The 5-door is expected to get the same engine options as the 3-door. We would have to wait to see whether Mahindra bumps up the power figures for the 5-door.

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Expected features

Thar Mahindra door

In terms of features, the 5-door will borrow most of them from the Mahindra Thar 3-door. LED DRLs, a touchscreen infotainment system, smartphone connectivity via Android Auto, Apple CarPlay will be some of the prominent features. Other than this, being a family car, we expect Mahindra to add features like a rear armrest, charging ports & AC vents, which will add a lot of convenience for the passengers seated at the back. Along with this, we hope Mahindra pushes its connected car technology onto the Thar 5-door. Availability of hard-top, as well as soft-top variants, would add much more flare to the product portfolio.

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Launch and pricing

Mahindra has already set a timeline for the launch of the 5-door, which will happen somewhere between 2023 and 2026. We hope Mahindra launches the 5-door in 2023 itself. Coming to the pricing, we expect Mahindra to keep a premium of Rs 1 Lakh over the 3-door Thar, variant-wise.

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