Global NCAP is preparing to improve its crash testing protocol for Safer Cars for India. There have been improvements in Indian vehicle safety standards and you can see that through cars like Mahindra XUV300, Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon getting a full 5-star or 4-star safety rating in GNCAP tests. There could be an improvement in the active safety department and here is what the new Global NCAP guidelines will include.

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ESC to be considered

Alejandro Furas, vice president of Technological Affairs and Secretary-General for Global NCAP said that they will be introducing ESC requirements for higher start ratings in India especially in the second half of 2022. There is stress on ESC as it is a small addition to the car which can save a lot of lives. It might add to the cost of vehicles but it will save lives. ESC has saved many lives globally and it just rectifies human error.

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Changes to be done

There has been testing for front offset collision, side impact, side pole impact, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) (low speed) and whiplash injury. Child occupant safety measures in all these tests. The VRU category checks the car’s front design for pedestrian safety. In the active safety department as of now only ESC will be considered but later on they will also consider blind spot detection, lane departure warning, lane keep assist and road edge detection. Speed assistance system will also be considered.

Crumple zome

Currently, the cars are tested under offset deformable barrier for the front. This is done at a speed of 64 km/h. The safety measures through impact dummies inside the car both at front and rear. 2 ratings are provided from the information collected – one for adult occupants and one for child occupant. Another test is the side impact test and this is conducted only if the car gets a 5-star rating or if the manufacturers submit the car. There is no testing for active safety components and this has to be improved. These features can avoid a crash and are equally important if the safety rating is going to be a decisive factor for a lot of buyers.

Active technology  will include safety tech like Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), ESC, Speed Assistance System (SAS), Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Road Edge Detection (RED), and AEB (high speed).


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All these changes will be seen till 2025-26. We are expecting manufacturers will take many of these changes and develop cars accordingly for the new Global NCAP guidelines. If you have car buying doubts click here to ask! Get the lowest price for car insurance here. For more such content stay subscribed to MotorOctane Youtube, Google News Facebook and Twitter. Also, follow us on Flipboard and Reddit where we have a discussion community.


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