People who are looking for safer cars are increasing day by day. Some car manufacturers are making their move in this direction and improving the safety of their products considerably as buyer no longer look at safety as a feature but as an essential. As a consumer, you should look out for these 5 safety features in your car if you are looking to upgrade.

safety features

Crumple Zone

A strong car is safe is a misconception. A well-engineered car would any day beat a “strong car” in terms of safety. If your vehicle is in a crash is should not transfer the impact to you. A long hood and the dash area should absorb some of the impacts and reduce the force and crumble rather than stay in shape and transfer the force in the cabin to the occupants. To make this simple if you throw a sponge ball on the ground it bounces but if you throw the same ball dipped in water it becomes squishy and bounces less. As shown below, the crumple zones absorb the impact and save the passenger. Many times we come across images of cars getting rear-ended and the car in the rear has more damage. this is because it hits on the crumple zone whereas the car in the front may or may not have a crumple zone at the rear. Thus, always take a look at the GLOBAL NCAP report of the car you are planning on buying and see how the structural report rates that vehicle.

Crumple zome

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ABS is now mandatory in all cars. It keeps you away from the worry that no matter how you press your brake it will not lock up and stop the car. ABS works on speed sensing technology where the brakes are applied only if the speed decreases exponentially. If there is a sudden drop in speed the brakes are released and applied again. This is why you get the vibrating feeling on the pedal when you apply breaks abruptly.

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Seatbelts with Pretensioners


Seatbelts should be equipped with pre-tensioners. This senses sudden acceleration and locks the seatbelt in place. Make sure that there is a double pre-tensioner in your next car which makes it safer and distributes the forces evenly.

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Side Impact beams

These are strength beams inside the door and the pillars that do not deform easily. They take up the impact and keep the cabin intact in case of a T-Bone crash. Having side impact beams is very important in terms of safety and thus in some cars like the Tata Nexon we a thick A-Pillar which some will say causes a blind spot but is a very heavy impact beam for bracing in a accident.

Impact beams

Do some research on which cars get what safety structure and then buy your car. If you are concerned about the safety of your passengers then do invest some time in researching the safety features of car that you are about to buy.

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Making sure that your car has airbags is the least you can do when looking for safety features. Check how many airbags are there in the vehicle. Also, make note of their placement and do not place any objects which intrude on them. Some cars get airbags inside the seats. So adding a seat cover might actually reduce the safety of the vehicle.


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