Youngsters need a mode of transport for their hectic daily commutes, and what better than to use a car for that purpose. However, being young, they mostly do not have a lot of money to spend, so they need cars that are easy to maintain, have plenty of space on the inside, are fuel-efficient and ultimately result in a hassle-free ownership experience. Although all these factors play a big role, style should not be compromised because of the above-mentioned points. So, in this article, we will discuss 5 used cars under Rs 5 Lakhs that are most suitable for youngsters.

(Note – This list is although made keeping youngsters in mind, however, these products can surely be on the wish list for regular buyers as well.)

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Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 has been one of the hottest hatches in the country ever since its inception way back in 2008. The car has been successful in attracting buyers from every age group. The car looked stunning even back then and has only matured over the years. Being a Hyundai, the servicing cost comes at quite a low price which is suitable for students in college. Also, the car packs some solid punch when it comes to performance and functions.

Maruti Swift

Marathi Suzuki Swift First Gen

Maruti Swift needs no introduction in the Indian car market and specifically in the hatchback segment. The car has been constantly doing numbers for Maruti ever since it was first launched here. The Swift is undoubtedly a fun-to-drive car, a major factor that attracts almost everybody. Also, being a product from Maruti, the owner has no problem in maintaining a Swift. Swift needs no introduction when it comes to design as well. Also, being a highly modifiable car, youngsters would want to give their Swifts a touch of their own.

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Maruti SX4

Maruti SX4 although might be a family car, however, it fulfils many purposes that a youngster would want to have in his daily driver. The SX4 has a lot of space on the inside, has a good road presence, looks sturdy, drives well and is easy to maintain. All these factors come together to provide a hassle-free ownership experience that a young person would definitely not want to miss out on, at least on their first car.

Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10

We have another product from the Hyundai lineup that would very well suit a youngsters needs, the Grand i10. This product, again being from Hyundai carries the benefit of low ownership costs. Also, the Grand i10 is a fun car to drive along with being comfortable on the inside.

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Toyota Etios

Now, this product is a gem that a youngster would not regret owning. The car enjoyed huge success in the country before Toyota decided to axe it. The car looked really premium on the inside giving the cabin a straight-to-the-point vibe. Also, the car had a sturdy build quality, great boot space and because it was a Toyota product, enjoyed a great reputation in the market. The car was easy to maintain and run which should be the major focal point for a youngster running short on cash.

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