Maruti Alto has been one of the top-selling entry-level hatchbacks in the country. The car is known for its reliability, low maintenance cost, hassle-free ownership experience and all of this coupled with Maruti’s service network in the country. The Alto senses competition a very few products in the country, however, there are products available in the foreign markets that have the potential to give the Alto a run for its money. In this article, we will discuss Maruti Alto competitions. Let’s go.

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Honda N-ONE

N-ONE can attract customers with its cute design which will be a fresh perspective for the market. The car gets LED headlights and tail lights which are really minimalistic in style. The minimalism is however only limited to the exteriors. The interior of the car resembles any regular car. The car gets a big touchscreen infotainment system, a multifunction steering wheel, automatic gearbox, auto-lock function, turn by turn navigation and many other features. The car can surely take on the Alto if Honda decides to bring it here.

Toyota Pixis Epoch

Pixis Epoch is a car that could very well put Toyota in a position to strongly compete with a product like the Maruti Alto. The car does have some features like a fully digital instrument cluster, automatic AC, keyless entry and many others. The car follows a mature design similar to the Alto and can surely snatch some customers from the latter.

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Suzuki Lapin

Suzuki has a product in other Asian markets which could be either a strong competition for the Alto or a good replacement for it and it is called the Lapin. The car draws quite from some inspiration from the original Mini, at least on the front. The car gets simple interiors which make the cabin a sorted place to be in. Also, the cabin gets a lot of smart storage places which enhance the overall practicality of the cabin by leaps and bounds. The car gets a height-adjustable driver seat as well for the convenience of the driver. The small car gets features like a touchscreen infotainment system, push-button start-stop, keyless entry, automatic AC and many others.

One thing that we have to keep in mind here that the above mentioned cars are kei cars, a segment in Japan. These are the smallest highway legal cars that can be bought and are also known as ultraminis. These cars were originally getting two stroke motorcycle engines and over the years since 1949 the engnine capacities has increased and a variety of these cars are found in Japan.

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