Apple Car is one of the most awaited products globally. General buyers and car enthusiasts are waiting for it alike. We reported to you some time back that the brand is still looking for a partner to help it with manufacturing after failed attempts with brands like Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai and Nissan. Now, the latest information reveals that the brand might have finally found one. In this article, we will discuss the complete information revolving around Apple close to partnering with a brand for its Apple Car. Let’s go.

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Who might be Apple partnering with?

Apple car

Apple might be close to finalizing a deal with the former phone manufacturer Korean electronics giant LG. Along with LG, the brand might partner with Canadian manufacturer Magna International as well. LG might help Apple with an electric powertrain that the former might develop in partnership with Magna International. Magna International might solely take care of the production requirements for the Apple car. LG and Magna International already have a JV in place, the ‘LG Magna e-Powertrain’. This factor hints that the deal could actually reach fruition, unlike what we have seen happening with Apple. Nothing has been made official by either of the three brands news, however, this deal might actually be finalized.

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What can we expect with the Apple Car?

If the Apple Car is real, we might actually get to see some revolutionary modern technologies on the car. Earlier reports had suggested that the brand is developing a technology capable of automatically tinting the car windows. Also, the brand was in talks with LiDAR sensor suppliers. With LiDAR on board, the self-driving cars would become much predictable and hence much more reliable. The brand is also looking into next-generation battery technologies that could provide the Apple car with never-heard-before ranges. Moreover, the Apple car interface might also be heavily integrated into other devices from the American mobile phone giant. The possibility that the brand might just develop the technology and then market it as software for cars can still not be ruled out. As of now, there is no confirm news regarding what the brand is planning and only time will reveal.

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