The Hyundai Venue is a car that has a lot of cool features integrated into it. You might think that if you buy the lower variants you might not get all of them. So here is a list of Hyundai venue hidden features which can be seen in any variant.

Lock Unlock Sound Off

Hyundai Venue makes a honking sound every time you lock to unlock. Now if you find this annoying and want to turn this off there is a way you can do this. Just press the lock-unlock button on your key fob till the car blinks 4 times.

Hyundai Venue Key fob

This will turn off the sounds whenever you press anything on the key fob. This is like putting the car on silent mode. Also if you want to turn it on again you can just repeat the process.

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Temperature Change

In the lower variants of the Hyundai Venue, you get a MID display. This shows a lot of information and also outside temperature. If somehow your car has it in Fahrenheit you can easily change it to Celsius.

Temperature change

Just put the car on the real-time fuel efficiency mode and long-press the button. This will change the temperature reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius. This is a handy feature to know about and you won’t need to take your car to the service centre. Also, we consider this among the Hyundai Venue hidden features as it is not mentioned inside the car.

Digital Speedometer

A digital speedometer is offered on higher variants of the car. The MID is also capable of displaying the speed. The way to access it is quite simple and can be done in a few secs. Go to the distance to empty mode of the MID and keep it pressed. This will display a km/h at the top which will display the real-time speed. With this one can access real-time speed of the vehicle easily.

Venue Digital Speed

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Infotainment On/Off

Switching on the infotainment system without taking off your hands off the steering wheel might be a far stretch. Hyundai has thought about this and hidden a quick switch for the infotainment. Keeping the mode button on the steering mounted controls pressed turns on the infotainment system. One can also switch it off by doing the same.

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The glove box of the Hyundai venue has a lot of quirks. Apart from being a cooled glovebox it also has a car holder. You can keep your license and RC tucked in there so that you never forget them at home. Also, this is actually one of the most authentic Hyundai Venue hidden features as it is actually not visible unless you peak well into the glovebox. There are other features too inside the Hyundai Venue like the seatbelt holder at the rear and auto air circulation modes.

Venue Car holder

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