The micro-SUV could be considered as a car segment that lies exactly between small hatchbacks and compact SUVs. These cars open an option for buyers who are looking for a car that could cost them comparatively less and still give them the feel of an SUV. In this article, we will discuss whether you should wait for the Tata and Hyundai micro SUV or not. Let’s go.

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What are the benefits of buying a micro SUV?

Upcoming Rs 5 Lakh SUV exterior

The upcoming micro-SUVs from Tata and Hyundai will attract customers that have a low budget. If customers that are looking for small hatchbacks can push their budget by a little, they can get a micro SUV. This difference is way less when compared to the difference between a small hatchback and a compact SUV like the Hyundai Venue. Overall, upgrading to a micro SUV is much cost-effective. Also, the main factor that will attract a buyer towards these cars is their SUV-like stance. With the design language of an SUV, the passengers will sit tall and the car will also look big, giving the buyer a sense of satisfaction. Also, being taller, the car will provide better headroom on the inside.

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For which segment of buyer are these cars suited?

hbx spy shot

People have varied budgets when looking for a car. These cars will suit buyers who are looking for a bigger car but are ready to compromise with some premium features that their bigger counterparts offer. Although, these cars would not be stripped of all the necessary & convenient features, however, a compact SUV will still carry better features than these. On the positive side, they will have features that can compete with cars below them and will present a better case for buyers coming in to buy these. The cars will have a clear advantage over the smaller hatchbacks which were the only option for buyers with a low budget.

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Should you wait for these micro SUVs?

A micro SUV will be a great choice for people who want to buy a bigger car but are willing to compromise with some, if not all, features. These cars will provide better space when compared to an entry-level hatchback. Also, these cars will have better ground clearance, premium interiors, better commanding position, better road presence, better features and many other elements for a buyer to consider. So if you are one of those buyers, you should definitely wait for the Tata HBX and the Hyundai AX1.

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