Tata Altroz might not have been the best selling premium hatchback for March 2021, however, it has taken the lead somewhere else. In this article, we will discuss Tata Altroz sales for March 2021 and see why it has gained sales numbers. Let’s go.

Sales figure analysis of Tata Altroz

Tata Motors sold 7550 units of its premium hatchback, the Altroz in March 2021. The brand sold 1147 units of the same product in March 2020. This results in a 558% year-on-year growth. This growth is higher than any other product’s year-on-year growth, at least for the top 25 selling cars for the month of March this year. Moreover, the brand also saw an 11% month-on-month growth. Tata Motors sold 6832 units of the Altroz during February 2021.

Why has the popularity of the Altroz climbed?

Tata Altroz

The Altroz is a very strong product in itself. The car offers mostly everything that a person looking for a premium hatchback needs. The car is very spacious on the inside. Ample of legroom is available inside for the passengers to sit comfortably. Moreover, the interior seating and upholstery are comfortable, making the experience of travelling in the car wholesome. The car also looks really modern, adding another point for its growing demand. A long list of features also attracts customers to this car. One of the major points for this car to be in huge demand is its safety rating. The Altroz gets a 5-star GNCAP safety rating.

Now, let’s understand why the Altroz has seen a 558% year-on-year growth. The Altroz was launched in January last year. The car gained huge popularity because of the above-mentioned points and the sales started increasing gradually. However, the pandemic hit hard and the sales of the car went down. Now, from some past months, the sales have started picking up. Also, this year, the brand launched the much-awaited Altroz iTurbo. That has further helped in attracting more buyers that were looking forward to a much powerful engine on the Altroz.

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