The scooter segment in India has become very popular. Honda Activa has been the segment leader of this segment since its launch. While the competition has only gotten tougher, Honda have continued selling the Activa with regular updates for more than a decade now. Like the Swift, Scorpio and others, Activa itself has become a brand name in India. Honda also cares to provide its scooter with the best-in-class features. Find out below about the 5 missing features on the Honda Activa.

5 Scooters to Consider while buying Activa

Digital Instrument Cluster

activa 6G riding

There was a time when analogue instrument clusters were the entire craze. However times have changed now, and digital instrument clusters have become very popular. Their use in cars and bikes has only increased popularity.  Suzuki Access, TVS Ntorq, Hero Maestro all come with a digital instrument cluster. For some scooter buyers, the lack of this feature alone can be a deal-breaker. More about 5 missing features on the Honda Activa below

Honda Activa 6G – 5 Reasons its the best-seller

Front Storage


Storage space is also an important factor for India scooter buying decisions. Any option with better storage space ranks higher among the competition. We Indians like to carry stuff and the extra storage space greatly helps in that. The lack of front storage in the Honda Activa is also a bad miss. Surely you can opt for aftermarket solutions, but the factory-fitted option would have been way better without paying any additional cost.

Front Charger

missing features honda activa

The use of technology has only increased in recent times. Moreover, applications like Google Maps have become an absolute necessity in this day and age. For people keeping their mobile phones on the front, the absence of a front charger is also a great let down by the Honda Activa. Other competitors in the segment do come with this feature and does have an upper hand.

Alloy Wheels

missing features honda activa

Steel rims look decent but alloy wheels help you stand out. Scooters in India come with smaller wheels and alloy wheels greatly lift up the overall look of the scooter.  Hero Pleasure Plus, Suzuki Access, Suzuki Grazia and Ntorq all come with alloy wheel options.

Front Disc Brakes

missing features honda activa

Safety has become a major vehicle buying decision in India. People have started asking questions about build, strength, rigidity and brakes. While disc brakes are more efficient and safer, Honda Activa sadly does not come with it too. Competition in the segment comes with front disc brakes which is a much more safer option.

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