For about two decades, Activa has been changing the game in Indian scootering. With the latest technological innovation, Activa 6G changes the world of scootering all over again. Read below about 5 reasons of Honda Activa 6G being the best seller. Read till the end to find out about the bonus 6th point. In short, with the all-new Activa 6G and its engine, Honda scores a magnificent, game-changing 6!’. If a brand manages to sell the same scooter with updates for 21 years, there is really something very special about the vehicle. It is equipped with the new eSP technology along with incredible new features like the revolutionary silent start, telescopic suspension, double lid external fuel fill, Front 90/90-12 Tubeless Tyre and 10% more mileage.

1)Brand Name and Reliability

 While everyone starts with Engine, let us start by considering the future. We all know our vehicles do no remain new forever, so Service and Maintenance is one of the major selling points of this scooter. The Honda brand name has a certain prestige, love, and reliability factor associated with it.

Right from the days of Hero Honda, it is one of the most loved brand for the Indian market. Hero Honda had been known for its Splendor. Honda’s huge service network and chain of showrooms are an added benefit. The availability of spare parts is easy and you won’t ever be stranded for parts. The bike department is dominated by Hero but the scooter segment has always been led by Honda Activa.

2)Ease of riding


 You cannot go wrong with the comfort part of this scooter. The riding position on the Activa is great. The passenger and the pillion both are comfortable with the seating position. There is ample space on the footboard and the footpegs too are positioned well.

3) Mileage


The next big deciding factor for the Indian market is mileage. Mileage is a bonus with Activa scooters. Ridden economically these engines can return up to 50km/l. Their new version 6G offers the winning combination of a completely new engine platform and Honda’s globally acclaimed eSP technology delivers 10% more mileage than before.

4) Performance


The smooth and refined engine is one of the major selling points of this vehicle in the Indian market. The trusted 109.2 cc and the powerful 124.9 cc engines provide smooth and noise free riding. Activa-i and 3G has a company claimed mileage figure of 60 km/l while Activa 125’s certified mileage is 59 km/l.

 Honda has been perfecting this engine over generations and currently has made it so smooth and silent that it doesn’t even make much sound while starting up. The engine is durable like any other part on the scooter and can go under a lot of stress before it breaks down. These figures are great for this segment.

5) Resale value

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You also will never lose money investing in this product. Well maintained Honda Activa are in high demand in the Indian used market. Majority of the buyers rarely sell their scooter. Even if you decide to buy a new model, you can get a decent amount of price back of the initial investment on the scooter.

6)Build Quality

Coming to the bonus point, there are no issues with build quality as well. The build quality of an Activa is considered to be the best in the scooter segment. It is offered with a full metal body. This allows the vehicle to be tough under the rough condition and lasts long. 


Weather conditions like heavy rains do not affect the vehicle’s basic function. Although electronics might get affected a bit if it is pushed too far beyond its comfort zone still it will function as a scooter.  Still, the scooter is light-weight so you won’t lose performance as well as mileage.

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