While the majority of other countries in the world are quite ahead in terms of EVs, India has some catching up to do. The charging infrastructure is also not the best in India. However, Tesla is the leader of the EV market worldwide and sure has some surprises for India. Tesla was speculated for launch in India for quite some time now but now, things have finally begun to take shape. The American Auto giant is expected to launch the Tesla Model 3 first in India which is Tesla’s most affordable car. So these are things that we expect in the Indian Tesla Model 3

Long Range Variant

Price is a major car buying parameter in India. If you make a world-class product but mess up the price, demand will surely return to a low point. Similar is the case seen with AMD in the computer components market.  Tesla Model 3 sold in the US is available in 3 variants. However, in India, only two of them will be sold. Tesla might sell the standard and the long-range variant of the car.

The standard Tesla Model 3 will come with a driving range of around 400kms which is pretty decent.  The long-range variant on the other hand will come with a driving range of around 550kms which will be a significant improvement, especially considering current Indian charging infrastructure.

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Autopilot and Features

3 unique features on Indian Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 sold in the US comes with lavish features on the inside. You get everything from 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system, heated seats and auto-pilot of mode. If Tesla decides to modify the car especially for India we can surely expect some changes. First of all cooled seats will be a much better feature here in India. Moreover, to save cost, Tesla Model 3 may ship with a 10.25-inch touchscreen which is the industry standard here. Also, Tesla can reduce the cost of the car further by removing all the auto-pilot and other advanced safety tech, which simply cannot be used in India. You do not expect radar-based cars in India with roads with potholes and stray animals. The MG Gloster was the first car in India to come with Level 1 of the ADAS system. Tesla Model 3 comes with a much more advanced system which will require government agencies to test it first for India.

Tesla India lineup for 2021 – Expectations

A decent music system will be included along with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. We also expect some form of connected car technology with the car. The flush door handles, complete glass sunroof and 18-inch alloy wheels will make it a sweet looking car. More about 3 unique features on Indian Tesla Model 3 below.

Smart Card and Tablet

Tesla are quite different from other cars, including other electric cars. Tesla Model 3 is the only car in the world which comes with a key card system, thus making it look more futuristic. The Tata Nexon EV on the other hand comes with a conventional key. You can also use the Tesla mobile app to set up your phone as an unlock key. Last but not the least, in the international market you can also buy Tesla key fob which costs around $150.

Tesla Model 3

Things like the music, AC, steering wheel adjustment and ORVMs are all controlled in the Tesla Model 3 via the central 15-inch tablet. Tesla has ditched the conventional dials and switches for a minimalistic appearance and it sure looks good. There is also no gear knob with the Tesla Model 3. Coming with an automatic transmission, the gear lever is located behind the steering wheel in the form of stalk.

Why is Tesla successful?

Tesla is the most successful electric car company in the US simply because of its supercharger network. That however is absent in India. In the US, Tesla charging network is quite close to the gas station network compared to the competition. Readers should realize that Tesla does not make the best electric vehicles. The perfect charging network of Tesla’s in the USA makes it a success. To enjoy the same level of comfort here, the charging network has to get strong in India. Tesla as a car manufacturing company has already faced backlash over fit and finish and quality issues on the majority of its cars.

Tesla charging 3 unique features on Indian Tesla Model 3

While this is a not unique feature of the car, Tesla if does good numbers will surely invest in charging network which is hugely important for India. Tesla Model 3, though one of the most affordable EV in the US enjoys a major advantage there. Being a complete CBU unit, the car can suffer upto 100% taxation. That is something which will make the price of the car ridiculous. Only time can tell if Mr Musk will be able to strike deal with the government of India for some concession/benefits.

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