Maruti’s biggest car in terms of size has been around for a long time. This car has the largest footprint in it segment and the pricing is very competitive. As it has not received a comprehensive update since a long time we are expecting it in 2022. In this article we are going to let you know about our expectations from the Maruti Ciaz 2022.

What is Missing?


The Maruti Ciaz is a car which nails the basics of a vehicle. Being a sedan it has the maximum comfort levels that Maruti can offer along with the ease of driving that is seen on other cars. The only place where it now struggle is the comparatively older design and the lack of few add on tech which is available on other vehicle.

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Tech like the connected cars, ventilated seats, add on engine options are missing on the current Ciaz. The Maruti Ciaz 2022 is expected to make these changes and give very less room for the customers to choose other vehicles.

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Maruti Ciaz 2022 Features

It will get a safety update in terms of additional features like 6 airbags. The interiors are expected a major overhaul with change in colour scheme. Ventilated seats are something that we would like to see in a car of that segment but there is a chance that Maruti might not add them.

A platform change is also expected in 2022 which might increase the structural safety of the vehicle. We are not sure if the vehicle will come with an updated from of the Heartect platform or some total new platform that might be made for some vehicles in the future.

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Maruti Ciaz (6)

A diesel engine is expected on the Maruti Ciaz 2022 and this new diesel engine will be carried forwards from the introduction of it in the current generation. This is expected to be a 1.5-litre mill which will be also introduced on the Maruti S-Cross and the Ertiga/XL6.

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