Thousands of employees working in multiple shifts and handling expensive machinery is what makes the world economy tick. And usually the larger the manufacturing plant, the larger the efficiency. People love cars and automobiles but few people realize the importance of car factories. For many people, showroom is a factory itself which can magically produce your car. Find out below largest car factories in the world.

8) Sonalika India

This is not the largest factory but being an Indian brand is on top of our list. The Indian Sonalika factory is the only Indian manufacturer in our list. International Tractor Limited opened the world’s largest tractor manufacturing unit within its existing plant in 2017. It has a total workforce of 5500 and an annual installed capacity of three lakh. The plant claims to churn out one tractor in two minutes. The factory is located in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

1) Volkswagen Germany

The largest car-making manufacturing plant in the world—70 million square feet large—resides in Wolfsburg, Germany, pounding out 3,800 Volkswagen vehicles per day. That comes out to about 815,000 vehicles a year, at least in 2015. The factory halls alone take up a surface area of nearly 1 square mile, enough to accommodate the Principality of Monaco. Churning out four Golf lines, the Touran, and Tiguan, the Volkswagen plant—which first started manufacturing vehicles in 1945—handles everything from toolmaking to plastic production to housing one of the world’s largest paint shops.

2) Hyundai South Korea

Hyundai is a Korean company but performing quite strongly in India. Behind Maruti, it is the second-largest car manufacturer in India. 14 different Hyundai models are manufactured in the five-building. It is the 54 million square foot Ulsan Factory in South Korea. This plant can churn out a vehicle every 12 seconds. Opened originally in 1968 and expanded ever since, 34,000 employees work on-site—some even sleeping in the onsite dormitory. The facility also has its own sewage treatment plant and cargo ship pier.

3) Tesla Nevada

Tesla came up with the Gigafactory in 2016 outside Sparks, Nevada. The structure has a footprint of more than 4.9 million square feet of manufacturing. It can produce batteries, solar panels, home storage solutions and electric cars — all under one roof. Today, it produces Model 3 electric motors and battery packs, in addition to Tesla’s energy storage products, Power wall and Powerpack.  Tesla is soon to enter the Indian car market by 2021 pushing the EV culture further in India.

4) Chrysler Belvidere

If you are unaware of Chrysler, you would have surely heard about Jeep. Constructed in 1965, this 3.5 million square foot facility handles an assembly of the Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot and Dodge Dart. The factory is owned by Chrysler and has about 780 robots with over 280 acres of property. More about Largest Car Factories in the world below.

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5) Bugatti Atelier

largest car factories world

This production factory is tucked in the small town of Molsheim, France. It is claimed to be one of the cleanest and advanced. A single car is allotted a team of 20 individuals who assemble each of the 1,800 parts by hand. Bugatti is one of the most expensive cars sold in the market and has remained the producer of the fastest street-legal car for quite some time now.

6) Mercedes Benz Germany

largest car factories world

Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen has over one-hundred-year history and is the most time-honoured vehicle plant at Daimler AG. The plant began in 1915 and has a foothold of 31,817,520 sq ft. The facility steers the production of the S-Class and E-Class model series within the global production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars. More about Largest Car Factories in the world below.

7) Toyota Kentucky

Largest Car Factories in the world

At 8.1 million square feet, this is the largest vehicle assembly plant in Toyota’s global production network. It produces about 550,000 vehicles and has the ability to make more than 600,000 engines annually. The vehicle assembly plant was opened in 1986. It has a current full-time employment of over 8000.

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