Images of the Upcoming KTM RC 200 have been surfaced. This has fueled a discussion on the design of the bike but today we are going to tell you about the feature that we are expecting on the Upcoming model of the KTM RC 200.

Spy Shot and Design

The design of the bike is the hottest topic in the Indian bike community right now. As the old design had not been updated since the start people had grown fond of it and it did look sharp and striking.

ktm rc 200

The new design on the other hand is not really what was expected from KTM but we had the hint of this since the first spyshot of the bike being tested was seen. You can read more about it here

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Now to sum up the new design its is more like function over form. The main complaints with the RC will be fixed with this new design. Also it is seen to draw inspiration from the RC8 which is the top of the line RC bike in the KTM lineup.

New KTM RC 200

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The headlight seems like it is from the recently launched adventure bikes. Now this does look out of place and rather too steeply mounted on a sporty bike like the RC but we are expecting better illumination. On the current RC 200 you get a the projector setup which had a good throw but the spread was not good enough.

KTM RC 200 front

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Also going with the trend it will now get the indicator lights integrated in the front panel itself. The new faring allows for a bigger windscreen which seems to be more functional aerodynamically.

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LCD screen

The LCD on the KTM bikes have not been updated for a long time and now they have developed a bigger screen which need space to be mounted. The Adventure 250 features this new screen and soon we are expecting it to roll on to other bikes like the RC 200 and Duke 250.

KTM RC 390 Update

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The frame is expected to be the new split setup with the different subframe which can accommodate a bigger pillion seat. Also with that the hard seat of the RC for the pillion might go and a much more comfortable seat might be provided for the pillion. Changing the frame might also mean that there will be change in handling of the bike but that part of handling will be covered in the review of the bike when it is launched.

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