A lot of cars have been laying undriven for the entire time of the lockdown. Even if you are one of those who have kept the car’s battery running by cranking it every week still these checks will prevent big holes in your pocket later. So if you are planning prep you car for daily office runs then these are the first check that you should be performing under the hood.

Coolant Check

Coolant image

Coolant check should be the first thing to be done for a car that has been sitting for more than a week. The coolant prevents the engine from heating. Also, make sure you do this before cranking the car up. The engine coolant can also be temporarily topped up with water but it is a temporary fix and not advised to keep running the car on this fix. Do watch this video if you are planning to put you car for service

Oil Check

Oil check is the most important part of any check under the hood. As the car has been sitting for a long time then getting the oils flowing is important. If your vehicle is close to service then its better to get it serviced for the longevity of the engine. If it has been serviced regularly then giving it a top-up will be enough.

Engine Oil Check

Oil is an essential part of the car. Most of the problems start because of bad oil or the wrong oil. Every car has an oil recommendation and that should be mentioned on the instruction manual of the vehicle.

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Washer Fluid

As we have been hit by the first wave of the rains this check is important. A wiper check is very important but even more important is the washer fluid check. This is the fluid that should be topped. If your car has been sitting out in the sun up till now there is a chance of the washer fluid to get evaporated.

Washer Fluid Check

An additional tip will be adding liquid soap which will make it easy to have clean off the much that has been spraying on the windscreen while driving on the highway. Also, there are washer fluids that are available in the market which are the most effective.

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Wire Check

Check for wiring of the vehicle under the hood. It is accessible for rats and other stray animals which might want to take shelter. These might nibble around the insulation of the wires. So do a check the wires for bite marks. If you notice that there are rat problems get to the source of it because it might cause big damages later. Do also check the insulation coating of the hood. This is the place where the animal entering your car will be leaving its hair.

Rat check

Air Filter Cleanup


A clean air filter will help the car breathe fine. This will keep the efficiency intact and the performance will also be good. Accesing an air filter will be a task and if you dont have the tools to open the casing then it is better for a professional to do it.


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