We have shared the following tips to protect your car from rains. Follow these and your car is safe for this monsoon. What all has to be done? Check out our video on 7 Tips to protect your car from rains.

What are the tips?

  1. Free car check-up: Get your car check up done for free. Almost all car makers will offer you free car check up in monsoon and this will be apt for your car too. If anything majorly wrong, you can get that checked and rectified immediately.
  2. Tyres: Get your tyres inspected. These are one of the most vital part of your car. As these are the only things that touch the road. Ensure that your tyre treading is sufficient and if not, then replace immediately. If the tyres have crossed an age of more than 4-5 years, then too replace them at once. Ensure your spare tyre has air in it and it isn’t puncture. You will not want to get stuck in the rains with 2 flats instead of one.
  3. Wipers: Again one of the most essential things. Always replace your wipers at the start or just before monsoon. It is important. This is because the rubber on the wipers hardens in summer heat and this means not proper cleaning during the rains.
  4. Cloth: Never remove the fog of your windscreen from inside with your hand. This will leave finger prints on them and will affect your vision. Its advisable to use a piece of clean cloth for the same.
  5. Your safety: For your safety, always ensure your tool kit has all the equipment. All the First Aid Kit medicines are valid and not expired.
  6. Always charged: Ensure you have enough water in the car to drink and something to eat also. Carry sufficient power charge or mobile charging cable so your mobile doesn’t run out of juice.
  7. Fragrance: Your car shouldn’t be moist and stinky. For this purpose ensure, you have a air freshner in the car. Add newspaper on your floor mats if they are made of fabric and change them weekly or twice a week if needed. The better solution is to replace your mats in the rain with rubber or plastic ones. These are easier to maintain and clean in the rains.

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