If you have opened this article you are either an owner of the CVT car or you are confused about buying one. This article will give a good idea about how to maintain your CVT transmission and also why CVT is better than other types of automatic transmission.

2019 Ford Endeavour gearbox

Why buy a CVT Transmission over others?

CVT transmission is available in a number of cars in the Indian market and provides great fuel efficiency and smooth gear shifts compared to all other transmissions. The initial cost of purchasing a CVT is still a little bit high in the current scenario. But in the long run, if proper care is taken of the transmission it makes driving hassle-free. The initial cost may sting some buyers but fuel efficiency and performance become a boon in the long run.

CVT transmission
Toyota Yaris CVT gear lever

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What to Do?

Frequent shifting between D and N does not spoil the transmission but be gentle. Warm-up your car engine and transmission by driving normally before occasional aggressive driving. Come to complete stop before changing direction(from forward to reverse). Keep the car light and strip it off of unnecessary weight. CVT is not comfortable with towing another vehicle.

Also using a gentle throttle helps to keep the car maintain a good fuel economy and puts less stress on the engine. You can extract maximum performance from the engine by using a CVT properly.

What not to Do?

Honda Jazz 2018 auto gear CVT transmission

Do not use P mode for slow stops. Only use them for parking the car and turning the engine off. Repetitive rapid acceleration and deceleration leads to wear and tear of your engine and CVT transmission. Do not tune or install aftermarket parts or mod in your CVT transmission. Always visit an authorized service centre. If your CVT has a manual mode or gear selector then do not choose the wrong gear for the current rpm.

How to Maintain

Coming straight too the point, if your car is equipped with CVT transmission bear in mind that it is one of the most expensive pieces of machinery which fits in your car. Proper care and maintenance will keep up the original mileage and performance in check.  Having a CVT is like getting every penny to spend for the ease of driving.


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