The Maruti Suzuki Jimny is an upcoming car from Maruti that gets an iconic jeep design. It is going to be one of the most affordable four by four SUVs available. But this will get competition from the upcoming Mahindra Scorpio that will also get a four-wheel-drive system. The new Scorpio is not just going to be a facelift but will come with a lot of changes. We put these two against each other and find out which car is the better of the affordable four by fours.


2021 Mahindra Scorpio

Affordability wise, Maruti will come out on top of the Scorpio. Maruti is known to price its cars very competitively and the Jimny will apply the same formula. It is expected to be launched around Rs 10-11 lakh (ex-showroom). The Scorpio will cost around Rs 12-13 lakhs (ex-showroom). Even the costs of maintenance and spare parts will be significantly cheaper than the Scorpio.

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The design of the Scorpio is said to be completely revamped for the next model. It will sit on a heavily updated ladder-frame chassis that will also be seen on the Mahindra Thar. But everything else that is the lights, bumpers, panels will be changed and will be upgraded. The Scorpio will be a bit bigger in dimension to give extra space to the passengers. But, the design of the Jimny is somewhat iconic and it gets a Jeep-like design. Both cars will be boxy in nature. Although the Jimny will be much shorter in length than the Scorpio. The Jimny is meant to be a compact SUV while the Scorpio is built for interior space as well.


Maruti Jimny All Grip

The Jimny will have a much higher ground clearance than the Scorpio. The Jimny gets 210 mm of ground clearance while the Scorpio will get around 180 mm of ground clearance. Both cars are not serious off-roaders and both of them will not get a differential-locks. Therefore both will be equipped to take on rough surfaces but not completely go off-roading. But the Scorpio will come with a more powerful engine than the Jimny. Both the cars will sit on a ladder frame chassis. Although they will use different versions of them. They are yet to be launched in the market. The Jimny will be a new platform for India and a new car as well. While the Scorpio and its platform have been in our market for a while now which might give the Scorpio some added advantage.


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