Maruti Jimny is the most interesting product expected from Maruti in the coming time. This is a car for the enthusiast and it breaks all the norms that a Maruti is known for. In this article, we will go through what is expected in the Maruti Jimny Allgrip and also get to know what is all grip technology.

Maruti Jimny AllGrip Exteriors

From the new rendering that has surfaced, we can see that the car’s exteriors now look proportionate for a car that will be priced around the Rs 10 lakh mark. The Maruti Jimny has a boxy design and the body looks very purpose-built. If we start from the grille it has a completely blacked grille. This might be true for the UK model but this is where the Indian version will get its chrome. Even this car will have chrome for the Indian taste. The car headlamps of the car will be round and carry on with the Retro look of the vehicle.

Maruti Jimny AllGrip

Moving to the side it has square windows. There is absolutely very less overhang. The rear door is partially over the rear wheel arch. The bonnet of the vehicle will be flat. The wheels have squared arches. The Maruti Jimny AllGrip sports 15-inch wheels. At the rear, the vehicle will have a full-size spare wheel. The rear door of the vehicle is hinged.

Jimny AllGrip Interiors

The Maruti Jimny AllGrip that is expected to come is expected with a Hardtop. This won’t be like the Soft top convertible Gypsy that was in production in India. The Maruti Jimny AllGrip will have the smart dock as seen on the other manual vehicles. This Jimny AllGrip will get power windows and rear AC Vents. The vehicle will first time have front-facing seats. The steering will be similar to that of the Maruti Swift. The steering controls of the vehicle will have media and cruise control.

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Maruti Jimny Variants

Maruti Jimny All Grip

The Jimny AllGrip is expected with 4 variants. It will only have one engine option and that too in Petrol. The vehicle will have 4×4 and 4×2 options. There will be an AMT option on the 4×2 variant. This will be seen in every variant. The Maruti Jimny AllGrip will also have a 4×4 system called the AllGrip system. There won’t be a diesel engine available for this vehicle. The grip system will be a manual 4×4 system with low gear range ratios.

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Maruti Jimny Safety

In terms of safety, the Maruti Jimny AllGrip will have a different platform. The chances of it to have a Heartect platform are rare and that will determine the basic safety of the vehicle. It will also get the ABS and Traction control system. It will get 2 airbags as standard.


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