While TVS has just recently launched the TVS Apache RR 310 BS6, the president and CEO of the company, K.N. Radhakrishnan, has confirmed that they will launch one more variant of this bike. Basically the TVS Apache is the most developed bike in TVS lineup over time and it has become a far near-perfect product. Here’s a scoop on what we can expect from this TVS Apache RTR 310.

Apache RR 310

The Apache RR 310 which was announced back in 2013. Back then there was a big hope but it did not translate into much. 3 bikes were launched with the same engine. Of these, the most accessible one was the Apache RR 310. The other two bikes were from BMW and along with the BMW badge they also had a hefty price tag.

The Apache RR 310 had a lot of vibrations at the start. TVS took genuine efforts in rectifying the problems and with the latest BS6 product they have almost made the bike a competition killer product. The bike now gets the BS6 engine and it also retains the power of 34 BHP and 27 Nm of torque. Along with that, it gets a ride by wire which enables rider modes. All this power now does not scare an amateur rider and the bike allows the user to tweak the setting too. With a perfected product now TVS is getting ready to launch another product with the same underpinnings. This new product is what we expect to call the TVS Apache RTR 310.

Apache RTR 310 Design

The TVS Apache RTR 310 won’t be a direct engine and chassis miss-match from the 200 RTR. This will be made on either a completely new platform or will see a change on the platform of the current RR 310. We expect that now when TVS has got the vibrations eliminated on this platform they will not mess up this part and keep the frame the same. What will definitely change are the body panels. To give it the iconic look of the Apache RTR it will have to shed some of its body panels. If you are thinking the complete fairing around the front will be gone it might not be the case as the innovative heat management system for this engine is placed around the faring.

TVS Apache RTR 310

The bike might do away with a semi faring or a big and bulky shroud. The headlight and the front of the motorcycle will clearly make it look like a fierce roadster. So we are looking for a bike which somewhat looks like an Apache RR 310 from the rear but the front does not have a fairing-mounted headlight. This is where Apache could show off those golden coloured USD forks.

Apache RTR 310 Launch

Although the bike has been confirmed this year we can not expect its launch till the mid of 2021. It is pretty much far in the future and a lot of changes can be expected. The unveiling of this bike might give us a clearer picture of what TVS has actually changed on this bike. The pricing of this bike is expected to be less than the Apache RR 310. The TVS Apache RTR 310 might be at Rs 2.10 lakhs. The segment of motorcycles has a good competition. It is in the form of BMW G 310 R, KTM 390 Duke, Honda CBR 300 and Benelli TNT 300. With kind of pricing for the previous TVS bikes we can be sure that the deal TVS puts forth will be value for money.


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