It seems that India is heading towards a much cleaner environment in the near future. Firstly, with the onset of the BS6 engines that are said to be much cleaner than their BS4 counterparts thereby reducing the impact on the environment. The second one is a slower change but one that is picking up pace steadily in the market- the electrification of vehicles. Yes, many manufacturers are introducing their electric vehicles and also seeing a positive response by the Indian customers even though the infrastructure is not the best to suit the EV vehicles. Renault also plans to introduce its electric hatchback to the Indian market soon with its electric hatchback- the Renault Zoe Electric.


India has been getting a lot of electric SUVs with the likes of the Hyundai Kona, the MG ZS EV and the Nexon EV. This would be one of the first electric hatchbacks to be introduced to the market. The Renault Zoe Electric was also showcased in the auto expo 2018 but now reports suggest that Renault will indeed bring the car to the Indian market since it sees a customer base for electric cars now. It will get some changes for the Indian market such as a raised ground clearance to protect the battery pack. Renault has not been doing great in the market apart from its entry-level car the Kwid and therefore another hatchback could strengthen its position in the country.


The Renault Zoe Electric will be a small car even in terms of the hatchback segment. It gets a sloping bonnet with the huge Renault logo upfront that can be opened to reveal a charging port. It also gets new LED DRLs upfront along with air vents surrounding the fog lamps. In the rear, it gets a massive rear glass along with squarish tail lamps which have LED strips in them.


On the feature front, the Renault Zoe Electric gets a 9.3-inch infotainment system along with a digital instrument cluster, push button start/stop, automatic climate control and an overall minimalistic look of the overall interiors.


The battery is a 52 kwh one which will also give a range of almost 400kms that will be very impressive for a hatchback. Fast charging will be available and the Renault Zoe Electric will take 55 mins to charge 70% of the car as it is capable of 50 Kw DC fast charger.

Zoe electric performance

The motor will be the strong point of the car as it will be the first hot hatchback electric in India. With 134hp and 245nm of torque that is essentially available from the instant you press the accelerator, it will be one of the strongest performers in the hatchback segment with only the Abarth Punto having more power. It weighs around 1,500kgs which is massive for a hatchback but since so much torque will be available from the start it will be a zippy car.

Renault Zoe pricing

Sadly the bigger battery pack will translate into higher pricing and it is said to reach the price of around 14 lakhs. Renault plans to localise its parts so as to bring the overall price of the car down.


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