The Tata Altroz 2019 is going to go sale in India later this year. We have in the past got some interesting pictures of the car being tested along with one hatchback which it’s benchmarked against – the Baleno RS.  Both times the Altroz was being tested along with the Booster Jet engine of the Maruti Baleno. We know Tata wants this car to be sporty and has also taken the car to Kari racetrack in the past to presumably get the driving dynamics to be lively. Check out the images below and also scroll down further to see the car in flesh from the Geneva Motor Show.

Tata has now launched the official website for the Tata Altroz. The reason is Tata wants 100,000 visitors, in order to unveil the full site. Once it has 1 lakh visitors, the official site will be fully revealed. As with recent websites of its individual cars, Tata Motors plans to get the buzz going around its soon to be launched Altroz.

Tata Altroz Website –

Tata Altroz website

The features and the specs on this car looking existing and it will be interesting to see how this car will shape up to be as a production model. Last we came across some new pictures of the car being tested by Tata on what look like 16-inch wheels. The car was shown last month at the Geneva Motor  Show where it was seen wearing 17-inch wheels. However, we had said that the car will be offered with a size smaller in India. With the spy shots we got, we were right. It will be however possible that the car could come with 17-inch alloy wheels as an optional extra. If that happens, this car will have the biggest tyers in its segment.Tata Altroz Baleno RS

What do you think will be the price, specs and features on this premium hatchback? Will you wait for the Altroz and not buy an i20?

Tata Altroz 2019 Launch Date in India

Launch DateAugust 2019

The Tata Altroz 2019 will be launched this year, August. It was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We had earlier reported that the car will be launched around September. We were pretty close. The car is currently undergoing rigorous tests. The pictures of the testing mule of this car have been spotted and released multiple times. Currently, the company is focusing on Harrier, Nexon, Tiago, and Tigor. The Harrier, Tigor and Tiago have their JTP versions were launched recently.

2019 Tata Altroz

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Tata Altroz 2019 Price in India

Tata 45XPrice (on-road price)
Minimum₹6 lakhs
Maximum₹10 lakhs

The Tata Altroz is likely to be priced between Rs 6 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs, on-road. Tata will try and undercut the Maruti Baleno in pricing. This will give it a tremendous edge. The car will be manufactured locally. Thus, from the start, this will give it a big edge in competitive pricing. If the pricing of the Nexon is to be considered, then we can safely assume the Tata 45X is going to want a large piece of the segment. The i20, Jazz, and Baleno are a part of the premium hatchback segment and have shaped the market to their needs. Tata will have to make sure that they give the features that a customer in this segment is used to. Cars sold in this segment carry certain customer expectations and demands that need to be fulfilled by the manufacturer while being very competitively and closely priced. The Altroz is an exciting package and should be offering some good value for money.

2019 Tata Altroz

Tata Altroz 2019 Safety 

The Tata Altroz will also be a very safe car when it will launch. The car could get 6 airbags, Traction control, ABS, EBD, ESP and other safety features like Corner Control Stability and also Pedestrian safety.

2019 Tata Altroz

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Tata Altroz 2019 Design

When it comes to styling, the Altroz follows the Impact 2.0 design language. This design language is what is to be used by Tata Motors on all its future models. This hatchback is based on the Advanced Modular Platform. This platform will underpin all kinds of vehicles from Tata Motors in the coming times. The Tata Altroz  2019 is a futuristic concept. It has sharp lines and a very aerodynamic design. Shod with a sleek front end, the windshield rakes sharply, to give it a very sporty stance. It looks dynamic even at a standstill. The whole car gives off a very athletic vibe. The spoiler looks like a continuation of the roof of the car.

2019 Tata Altroz

The Tata Altroz gets a thin grille. It’s fitted with LED headlamps and DRLs. There is going to be a separate grille on the lower part of the front bumper. The front bumper itself looks very big and low. Flared wheel arches make it look muscular. The car is wide enough to rival the likes of Hyundai Elite i20 and Maruti Baleno. The Tata 45X has a long wheelbase. It is low slung and the engine bay is small. This gives us a sense that the cabin shall be very spacious. This is what will be its USP and what customers would like to have in a premium hatchback. The other thing if you notice is the flat bonnet will aid in visibility and make maneuvering this car in traffic a breeze. The result will be the driver having a relaxed drive.

2019 Tata Altroz


2019 Tata AltrozTata Altroz 2019 Specifications

Engine1.2-litre petrol1.5-litre diesel
Transmission5-speed manual6-speed manual

The Altroz is going to get a 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine. This shall be the same 84bhp, we have already seen on the Tata Tiago as well. The diesel might be the 1.5-litre, which will be shared with the Nexon. The engines will churn about 100-110bhp of power and will be offered with a six-speed manual and also AMT options furthermore these will be the first set of premium hatchbacks that shall get AMT. The engines will be fuel efficient too as the six-speed gearbox will do wonders for the mileage. They might not be the best when it comes to performance, but they will offer a good package, especially at the price this car is expected to come at. It will also be cheaper and more cost effective to have an AMT unit in the car rather than a traditional automatic as this could be one of the same units as seen on the Nexon.

2019 Tata Altroz

However, there is some talk about this car getting a CVT gearbox like the Hyundai i20. The automatics will come in later. This is what most of the Indian car brands have been doing. A bit too annoying habit for all of us. Auto buyers, please wait for it.

Tata Altroz 2019 Gallery

Tata Altroz 2019 Competition

The Tata Altroz 2019 will be competing with the Fiat Punto, Hyundai Elite i20, Maruti Baleno and the Honda Jazz. Tata Motors is looking at enhancing its reach in this segment. What they will have to offer is the best in class, that is when it will work out. This car is expected to bring some more zing into the segment, which is veering towards SUVs. It is interesting that Tata will be making the car available.


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