How many times do you compare two products from the same brand? Not often. But when these products are from a brand like the Honda Activa, then automatically the curiosity increases. The Activa has been the best selling scooter and now it comes with more variants too. The Activa 3G is a no non-sense scooter, proven scooter while the Activa 125 is more sport one. The Activa 3G is a newer version of the traditional Activa. The engine, transmission and suspension remain the same. The weight also is identical. One could call it an old wine in a new bottle. On the Other hand the Activa 125 is a new scooter. Honda will not want to change the successful formula for the Activa. Experimenting might not be helpful. We find out which ones suits you in our Honda Activa 125 vs Honda Activa 3G comparison

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Honda Activa 125 vs Honda Activa 3G Engine

Honda wants to cater to subtle buyers as well. So they have retained colours like white on the Activa 3G also. The Activa 3G has a  109cc engine that produces about 8bhp. The Activa is very zippy and even there is good enough instant power that is normally needed in city. The fuel efficiency is also good, and it is one of our favourite scooters in 110cc, and no doubt it is the best-seller too. The Activa 3G is the best-selling scooter in its segment and even of the three scooters it is the 3G that is the pick for majority buyers. The 3G is also available in trendy colours like the blue that we have shot and even subtle colours like white and silver.

Honda Activa 3G motion shot

The Honda Activa 125 has a larger mill and bigger tyres as compared to the Activa 3G. The suspension remains the same as the on the Activa 3G. This is a 125cc single-cylinder engine that produces 8.6bhp and 10.1Nm of maximum torque. This engine is more powerful and it feels so. Honda Activa 125 is more stable in riding than the Activa 3G and this is a major difference between the two scooters. There is more power to pull away at any speeds. With bigger tyres, the Activa 125 feels a lot more comfortable too. The Active 125 is much more comfortable to cruise at higher speeds, while at normal city speeds, it is equivalent to that of the Active 3G. The Active 125 comes in subtle colours mostly dual tone colour scheme.

Honda Activa 125 vs Honda Activa 3G Design

Honda Activa 3G headlamp


The Activa 3G means the third-generation of the Activa. Nothing changes in the mechanicals such as the engine, gearbox, suspension, ride and handling. The Honda Activa 3G and the previous Activa are different only cosmetically. The new Activa 3G is now trendier, more stylish and comes in new colours too, like the blue one. The Honda Activa 125 comes in dual tone colours and it looks like a lot muscular and bigger in size. The body of the Activa 125 is the same but it gets styling enhancements and also 12-inch wheels which make it taller.

Honda Activa 3G vs Activa 125

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Honda Activa 125 vs Honda Activa 3G

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Honda Activa 125 vs Honda Activa 3G Mileage

Honda Activa Mileage

EngineMileage (ARAI)
Honda Activa 3G45 km/l
Honda Activa 12541 km/l
Honda Activa i48 km/l

In terms of mileage, there isn’t a major difference between that of the Activa 3G and the Activa 125. Both return a figure close 40-45. With the Activa 125 being about 42km/l and the Activa 3G closer to 44km/l.

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Honda Activa-i:


The Activa-I is the same Activa with body-weight of 103kg instead of 110 on the Activa. So, the Activa-i is perceived a feminine scooter as it is slender and is available in trendy colours. But honestly, it is lighter and even more fun to ride than the Activa 3G. This scooter is much more fun as it is lighter and more easier to ride in the city. The Activa-i is called as a personal scooter, while the Activa 3G gets the family scooter tag. The Activa-i is a lot cheaper than the Activa 3G, so it becomes a good option.


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Honda Activa 3G or Honda Activa 125?

The  Activa 3G is the best choice and if you are driving more on open roads where you can cruise at 65km/hr, then pick the Activa 125, else the Activa 3G does the job for you. The Activa 3G has a top speed dog 82km/hr and the 125 has bit more higher. You buy a scooter for city use generally and hence, the Activa 3G is our recommendation.



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