Are you confused about which one of these two should you consider. The last time around when we had done a comparison between the DZire and the Baleno, the Baleno had won. That was the last time around. The new DZire is an all new sedan and it does get more features, space, power, variants and mileage. So, what does the new DZire have on offer? Is it better than the Baleno? We share all the details of the Maruti DZire 2017 vs Maruti Baleno comparison.

Maruti DZire 2017 vs Maruti Baleno Video

Maruti DZire 2017 vs Maruti Baleno Design

In terms of design, the new DZire 2017 is based on an all new design language for the new-gen Swift. The DZire has been launched first and this time around it isn’t called the Swift DZire, and rather DZire only. In terms of design, there are a lot of elements which differentiate it from the outgoing model and whats more? The new DZire looks bold and appealing. The new DZire will be based on an all new platform, which is lighter. The design is fresh and there has been a major change in its proportion. Now the DZire 2017 looks a lot more proportionate than before. The wheelbase has been increased and the paint quality seems a lot more superior than before. The new DZire is lighter by about 60-70 kilograms lighter than the outgoing version. At the same time, the new DZire 2017 also has a projector headlamps, daytime running LEDs on offer as well.

New Maruti DZire 2017 side

The Baleno has been around for a while already. This premium hatchback has been doing well and has a good amount of waiting period as well. The Baleno also gets projector headlamps and even daytime running LEDs as well. Well, the Baleno’s front looks stylish and this is where it does stand out in its appeal. It seems more longer than the competition hatchback. So in design, both appeal to different kind of buyers and design is subjective so we leave this aspect to the buyer to decide, which one looks better of the two. Both have their own strong points in design, though our pick is the DZire.

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Maruti Baleno RS

Maruti DZire 2017 vs Maruti Baleno Interior

The new DZire 2017 has all new interiors. These do look premium and the black and beige combination makes it look airy. The instrument panel design is neat and there are several touches that make it look premium. To begin with, there are more than several design aspects that make this new sedan feel better in quality than the outgoing one. The fit and finish  is good and even the features on offer are more too. For instance, there is a new touchscreen system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, then there is also reverse camera and navigation as well Where the DZire now shines is the increase in rear seat space and this is what makes it a great package. The DZire does have more knee room and now there are rear AC vents too with a 12V charging point for rear passengers. The rear has better rear seats too. The recline is better, offering more comfort. The plastic quality is also premium.

New Maruti DZire 2017 interior
Interiors of new Maruti DZire 2017

On the other hand, the Baleno has more of trendy interiors. This is what makes the Baleno more appealing to the younger audience and it does look sporty. At the same time, the Baleno even gets all black interiors. The features also offer similar stuff, except that there is no Android Auto and no rear AC vents on the Baleno. At the same time, the Baleno’s boot is also a bit smaller as well. The rear seat on the Baleno isn’t very comfortable. The recline is very less making it not so comfortable for the rear passengers. To add to that, the Baleno even doesn’t offer good ride for the rear passengers either. The DZire is also more comfortable for rear passengers as the seats have a better recline. So, our pick is the Maruti DZire.

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Maruti DZire 2017 vs Maruti Baleno Engine and Transmission

Both the cars offer the same 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel engine. Both these engines have the same power and come mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The DZire also has a 5-speed AMT options on petrol and diesel. Now, as the Baleno is sold through Nexa, it comes with a CVT but only for the petrol. This is a more expensive technology and makes it more premium. So, to pick one of the two for engines, it is a close call as both are super light bodies and have high mileage too. At the same time, the DZire even has a two-pedal option (automatic) on the diesel as well. This is what makes it even better for them. The DZire is a better package here, as it even offers diesel engine with an AMT.

Maruti Baleno RS interior

Now, when it comes to the steering feedback, there isn’t much of a difference. The ride is more comfortable for occupants in the DZire. It has a softer rear suspension, but it is a lot more comfortable too. Even on bad roads, the DZire is extremely comfortable on bad roads be it front or even rear passengers. The Baleno does feel uneasy for the rear passengers. With regards to handling, our pick is the DZire for its high speed stability when compared to the Baleno.

Baleno VariantsBaleno Price (on-road, Delhi)DZire 2017 VariantsDZire 2017 Price (on-road, Delhi)
Sigma Petrol₹ 5.73 lakhsLXi₹ 5.90 lakhs
Sigma Diesel₹ 7.29 lakhsLDi₹ 7.29 lakhs
Delta Petrol₹ 6.49 lakhsVXi₹ 6.99 lakhs
Delta Petrol CVT₹ 7.82 lakhsVXi AMT₹ 7.50 lakhs
Delta Diesel₹ 8.03 lakhsVDi₹ 8.23 lakhs
Zeta Petrol₹ 7.34 lakhsVDi AMT₹ 8.76 lakhs
Zeta Petrol CVT₹ 8.49 lakhsZXi₹ 7.82 lakhs
Zeta Diesel₹ 8.72 lakhsZXi AMT₹ 8.33 lakhs
Alpha Petrol₹ 8.11 lakhsZDi₹ 9.08 lakhs
Alpha Petrol CVT₹ 9.27 lakhsZDi AMT₹ 9.60 lakhs
Alpha Diesel₹ 9.52 lakhsZXi+₹ 8.79 lakhs
RS₹ 9.29 lakhsZXi+ AMT₹ 9.30 lakhs
  ZDi+₹ 10.07 lakhs
  ZDi+ AMT₹ 10.59 lakhs


Maruti DZire 2017 vs Maruti Baleno – Which to buy?

Last time around, we had recommended the Baleno. But this time, the DZire has come out even stronger and is our pick of the duo. So, if you need a better value for money package it is the DZire, the DZire also comes with automatic even in the top model as well. The DZire is a much better package as it offers better comfort, especially for the rear seats, there is more shoulder room at the back for three, interior quality feels premium and it even has a bigger boot. Then there is also AMT option on the diesel, along with a smooth AMT on petrol making it equally good like a CVT for city driving.


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