Beside the Splendor, Hero also have another commuter, more to cater to the rural market. The Hero HF Deluxe Eco is nothing but the grown, newly done up CD Deluxe. This bike has been around for ages as far as I can remember. Hero portrays this bike as a tough bike for bad conditions hence the tagline “ Naye Indian Ki Deluxe Bike “!. Now after over 2 decades and finally having an Eco variant, let us check what new does Hero have to offer through this old rugged cross and what is all the fuss about the ECO model. 

Hero HF Deluxe Eco Price

CityOn-road price
New DelhiINR 52,055
BangaloreINR 56,822
PuneINR 53,984
ChennaiINR 55,158
HyderabadINR 56,768
MumbaiINR 54,326
AhmedabadINR 54,075
KolkataINR 55,802
ChandigarhINR 51,031

For a price tag that is lesser than most scooters, the Hero HF Deluxe Eco is a very affordable bike. Providing very good comfort for daily usage and considering the use is more for the rural areas where the roads are still lacking, this bike has to survive the hardest of conditions.

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Hero HF Deluxe ECO Top Speed

I feel bad to even add this category. The Hero HF Deluxe Eco does a top speed of 87 km/h, which is a decent speed for urban commute and 2 km/h more than the regular HF Deluxe. Considering their level of civic and road sense anything more will only lead to disaster.

Hero HF Deluxe Eco Dimensions

Ground Clearance165mm
Kerb Weight112kgs
Seat Height805mm

These are dimensions of a full size regular commuter. The seat height is just perfect for average Indians. The light weight makes for easy commuter even with pillion or some small luggage. The 1235 mm wheelbase is long and adds to stability. Even the 165 mm ground clearance is good for the bike to tackle almost no roads of the rural areas. The Hero HF Deluxe Eco is a bit more stable than the regular HF Deluxe at 2 kgs more.

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Hero HF Deluxe Eco Design 

Hero finally decided to go with the clear headlamp, flanked by some body work that looks like an extended visor. They call it the trapezoidal headlamp. The mirrors are body coloured and match the bike. Hero has also added alloys and tubeless tyres. This may not be much but is a big step forward considering the chances of a puncture are way more in rural areas. The leg guard comes with stylish AIRFOILS as Hero would like to call it. This I have not seen on any bike ever. The tank has a nice cut for keeping your knee and the graphics are not too bad either.


The Hero HF Deluxe Eco gets a side stand indicator that is not available on other models. Adding a little bling is the long slung chrome on the exhaust in an effort to add some premiumness for the rural commuter. The seat is long, broad, and just the right amount of softness. Sometimes I wonder, why do we pay so much more in superbikes and get such hard seats. Feels like in the effort for performance companies forgot seating comfort.

The up-raised handlebars make for an upright seating posture and that makes it easy to sit and ride almost whole day. Both the tail lamp and the side indicators are clear and large. Hence visibility at the back is excellent. The grab rails are long and functional. Hero has also added the low rolling friction tyres for better grip, better power delivery and better braking.

Hero HF Deluxe Eco Colours

To symbolise this model, Hero has got it in only one colour.

  • Leaf Green

Hero HF Deluxe Eco Specifications

Power8.10 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Torque8.05 Nm @ 5000 rpm
Transmission4-speed manual
StarterDigital CDI

A small 97cc engine and yet hero has managed to pull a good 8.10 bhp from it. This is a bhp more than the regular HF Deluxe, despite having the same cc. The torque and bhp are figures you would find on a scooter having much more cc. The engineers at Hero have done a great job. The 4 speed feels less in today’s world but is enough for rural commute.


Hero HF Deluxe Eco Mileage

ModelHero HF Deluxe Eco
City61 km/l
Highway70 km/l
Overall65 km/l
Tank10.05 litres
Distance550 km


Now this is where things get down a bit strange. Despite the same engine, same torque and one bhp more , Hero has managed a claimed efficiency of 65 km/l. This is around 15km/l less to the HF Deluxe. Even if we consider 65km/l and the 10.05 litre tank it is a good 550 km before you hit the fuel stop. In urban commute this would mean a good 3 months before refueling. But is around 150 less compared to the regular HF. Not that fuel is expensive but the fuel station are not much in the rural areas. So, Hero has increased one bhp, got 2 km/h more speed, and reduced mileage. This is really strange.

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Hero HF Deluxe Eco Ride and Handling

The Hero HF Deluxe Eco is an ideal commuter. The long front forks, if any longer would be that of an offroader or a dirt bike. Though there are regular shocks at the back and front. This bike dampens the bumps very well. If you actually take a slow motion video if the suspension working it is a delight to watch. The handle is quite free and makes for effortless riding so is the seating posture. Do not try to go sport as the thin tyres will reach its limit and you would reach the hospital hopefully.

Hero hf-deluxe-eco-1

The handling is good too and the bike is pretty nimble.  Hero has tried another less efficient alternative by providing new low rolling friction tyres for better grip.


At this price Hero has charge a bit more to offer body coloured mirrors, new paint, side stand indicator(only Value added feature as lot of people forget to put the stand up and causes a lot of accidents), airfoils on leg guard which is again aesthetic. which the rural commuter is not really interested. The suspension yes I wish I could give it 10 stars out of 5. Hope it continues to achieve nos despite the drawbacks, like it always did. “Hum Mein hai Hero”!!!!


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