While people waited for the Mahindra Mojo, Mahindra decided to trick people with the Mahindra Centuro in 2013. This was Mahindra’s reply to the commuter segment. A 110 cc bike for daily commute and efficiency. What they had in mind, no one had a clue. But Mahindra decided to go feature loaded. One of the first Mahindra Centuro ads where there were two women running with a man’s shirt and he has a bike with remote locking which he used to get the shirt back. Never got the point of the ad but the remote key feature seems good. Like something you would find in cars. It has been four years now and the Centuro has gone through some changes. Let’s have a look what is in store. 

Mahindra Centuro Price

CityOnroad price
New DelhiINR 49,992
BangaloreINR 52,860
PuneINR 51,065
ChennaiINR 50,480
HyderabadINR 51,950
MumbaiINR 54,423
AhmedabadINR 50,440
KolkataINR 53,436
ChandigarhINR 47,971

Prices at a perfect commuter range Mahindra has tried really hard to enter this category dominated by Hero, Honda and Bajaj. The price seems competitive how does the bike fair? We shall see.

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Mahindra Centuro Specifications

Engine106.70 cc
Power8.40 bhp @ 7500
Torque8.50 Nm @ 5500
Bore52 mm
Stroke49 mm
StarterIntake Ignition System
Top Speed92 km/h


Mahindra Centuro Dimensions

Length2031 mm
Width735 mm
Height1111 mm
WheelBase1265 mm
Ground Clearance173 mm
Kerb Weight126 kgs
Seat Height800 mm


WIth just the right seat height at 800 mm your seating posture is absolutely upright. The bike seems longer than some higher cc bikes but the wheelbase is narrower leading to easy mobility in traffic. What caught my attention was the 173 mm ground clearance which is excellent and need not worry even with pillion on high speed brakers. The other is the 126 kgs light weight. That would lead to some effortless riding. Just have to be careful on highways for crosswinds from bigger vehicles.


Mahindra Centuro Design

The Mahindra Centuro finally has a big clear headlamp with a nice big flat visor on top of it. Now the headlamps have a nice feature. Lets consider you parked your bike in an open air mall parking lot and you can’t find your bike, by pressing the button of the remote the headlamp illuminates so that you can seek your bike. Another feature of this lamp is that it remains on even after you turn the ignition off as it guides your way.

Mahindra Centuro 1


Kudos to Mahindra for such features. The dual gold painted rings just below the tank is typical of Mahindra design, they call it the Golden Ribs. But it is also the part that holds the cradle of the tubular frame of the chassis together. The exhaust is all black and quite sleek. The seat is thick and has a nice wrap around effect as the also comforts the inner thigh. For a 50000 bike, it provides all these features along with an almost all digital console. Except the tachometer the rest is digital and provides most of the information well.

Mahindra Centuro Colours

The Centuro is available in the following colours

  • Silver
  • Red
  • Black
  • Yes it comes in black but thanks to the overdose of decals the classy nature of the Black is lost.

Mahindra Centuro Mileage

Mileage (ARAI)
City55 km/l
Highway63 km/l
Overall60 km/l
Tank12.70 litres
Distance700 km


Mahindra Centuro Engine

The Mahindra Centuro is not a bike for 0-100 rampages. But for a 106 cc the top speed of 92 km/h is pretty admirable. 8 bhp too is a lot for a 106 cc bike. This being a commuter does not deliver more. The Mahindra Centuro is Mahindra’s take for a commuter which is loaded with features. That’s the strategy to break into commuter segment. The top speed is even more surprising as the bike has only 4 gears so I believe the gear ratio is much taller.

Mahindra Centuro 2

Mahindra Centuro Ride and Handling.

Even though the Mahindra Centuro is light in weight, this still may be the heaviest among the 110 cc bikes at 129 kgs. Is this a disadvantage? No. as a matter of fact it’s easy to handle and riders don’t feel that much of cross winds if a heavy vehicle passes by as other commuter bikes. You have the disc brake as option in another variant but otherwise the brakes feel dull. Need a bit more bite.

Mobility in heavy city traffic seems easy and the cured seats provide good inner thigh support to reduce fatigue. Tyres are again something of a concern especially in the wet. Mahindra have to take care of these small teething issues. I was happy with my week of commute and was always showing off the lock feature. Well not that anyone would want to steal a Mahindra Centuro, but hey you never know.


Now Mahindra are offering a lot on safety and convenience features that most companies are not offering even on  bigger bikes. This is a big step. But are those features enough to make up for the bad reputation Mahindra has gained on the after sales front. When it comes to a graph Mahindra Two wheelers goes the exact opposite way of their Four Wheeler segment. Mahindra has to come up with something to make things right and the Mahindra Centuro seems to be a good step forward.


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