Mercedes has recently launched the New Mercedes E-Class for 2021. We have the the E 200 with us and I am going share about our time with the new Mercedes E 200.

Contradicting Design

Mercedes E class has been in India for a long time and now the car has gotten longer for 2021. The buyer for the vehicle prefers sitting behind and this car is all about luxury for the rear passenger.

mercedes eclass

Starting with the grille, it looks very different from all the other Mercedes cars out there. It is very unique and has a classy appeal to it.

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mercedes eclass Front Grille

Along side the grille of the vehicle there are the bold and striking headlights which are new for 2021. If you look at the front and side of the vehicle you might notice that the side looks quite luxurious where as the front is a but sporty.

mercedes eclass side

From the rear the car looks like a C-class Mercedes but the noticeable length of the vehicle put the feeling of a E-class back.

mercedes eclass sun Roof

You get a panoramic sunroof which has a pillar on the interior but from the outside the complete roof seems to be covered in glass.

The E-class is expected to attract customers because of its size and bulk but now in the 2021 E-Class you see a hint of sleekness and the bulk that is expected from the car is missing somewhere. The headlights and tail lights play a major role in this. Somewhere the car looks like it is caught up in between looking mature and sporty.

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Mercedes E-Class Interior

mercedes eclass sun blinds

The Interiors of the E-Class is the place where you want to be most of the time. The car gives a feel of a smaller S-class. There is ample amount of space but not like obvious spaces like in an S-class. The comfort for the rear passenger is immense with automated sun blinds and cushion for the head rest.

mercedes eclass

There are fancy bit at the rear like the tablet to control everything and it pops out and you can use it as a stand alone tablet too. There is provision at the rear for 3 people to sit as there are 3 headrests but the central tunnel is quite big and seating an adult there would not be advised.

In the Mercedes E-class you get seat adjustments for all 4 seats and you can adjust the seats on other side too.

At the front the dash is completely changed. It has a new design and the new Mercedes infotainment system. You get an all new steering wheel which in the white leather looks really premium to touch and see.

You can watch the video to know more about the drive talk of the vehicle

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