The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been the premium luxury offering from the German brand for a long time. However, what uplifts the comfort and luxury of the regular S-Class is the S-Class Maybach. With multiple ultra-luxury elements present inside, the Maybach is the epitome of premium products in the market. The S-Class Maybach which has been revamped for this year offers much more luxury and premium features than its outgoing model. In this article, we will discuss the 7 unique features of the new S-Class Maybach.

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Upgraded Massage seats

Maybach massage seats

The new S-Class Maybach comes with massage seats which have been upgraded to offer much more comfort to the passengers. The massage seats have been updated with 10 presets and two levels of intensity on offer. The massage seats now offer the option to massage the calves, making travelling in the Maybach an experience to remember.

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Seats with neck and shoulder heating functions

The seats on the new Maybach now offer heating functions for the neck as well as shoulders. With the new heat points, the Maybach offers the complete relaxation of passengers, making the relaxation level extra-ordinary equivalent to the extra-ordinary premium a passenger pays for the Maybach.

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Interior Assist Function

The Mercedes-Benz now offers an Interior Assist function. With this feature, the vehicle recognizes eye movement, hand gestures and body language of the passengers inside using 3D laser cameras and triggers function like automatically extending the rear seatbelt when the car senses a passenger reaching out for it.

The exit warning function also registers a passenger’s intention to leave the vehicle. It can also open and close the sunroof on gesture indication along with monitoring movement to open and close the door and windows.

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Adaptive Rear Lighting

The Mercedes Maybach now comes with adaptive rear lighting. With this, the cameras track the movement of the passenger and light up the areas where the vehicle senses the passenger needs illumination. This feature makes it easy for passengers to read important documents inside the car.

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Extended wheelbase offers better legroom

The wheelbase on the new Maybach has been extended by 7-inches. This is clearly reflected in the interior of the car, with passengers now easily able to relax completely with legroom of 218mm on offer.

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Active Road Noise Compensation

Maybach Surround sound

The stereo system on the Maybach is a 30-speaker setup by Burmester. The speakers use a 4D surround sound system to compensate for the exterior noises from the road which even after great NVH levels somehow creep in. With this level of noise-cancellation, the cabin will feel much silent for the passengers.

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New Mercedes Maybach Rear-Axle Steering

Maybach wheelbase

The Maybach now offers optional rear-axle steering to manoeuvre in tough spots. With the rear-axle steering, the turning radius reduces by 2 metres, which is quite useful for a vehicle of this size and length.

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