Tata Nexon has completed 56,000kms with us. This has been in a phase of 2 years. So, how has the Nexon performed? Are there any problems? Is it worth considering? We share all the details on it. We have done multiple videos on the Nexon long terms and this is the fifth video on it. The Tata Nexon was launched sometime in September 2017. We had multiple questions from buyers on this SUV, in terms of reliability. We share all the details on it. Read the entire story to understand how has it done with us in the long run.

Tata Nexon – Car Service Cost:

Last car ka servicing cost actually tha for the check-up service. This doesn’t include any kind of oil change, but we got some things added on our own. Else there is no cost added to it. The normal car service  cycle is at 15,000km. The average cost for each of the service is about Rs 4,000 to 5,000. At 53,000kms there was another check that did happen, this costs about Rs 100-500 depending if you have added some basic fluids or some clean ups. Did we have any problems with the SUV? None at all. It has been a flawless product for us, and even the maintenance costs are highly affordable.

Outer body of the Tata Nexon:

As there is nothing to talk on the design, we will be covering the paint quality and deterioration. The car we have is a red one. This one hasn’t seen much of a difference in its colour. There hasn’t been really any fading. As the colour is glossy, even tiny scratches are visible from far. Due to this, one needs to maintain the car. At the same time, one does needs to take care of the car by daily or weekly car washing with regular water if not shampoo.

The other important aspect are the headlamps. The light is sufficient to see in the day or at night. This makes it good enough to see even late at night. The Nexon XZ+ projector headlamps have good enough throw in low and high beam. One can comfortably cruise at 100-120km/hr on the highway with no lights. Our car’s tyres are getting bald and it is time for us to get them changed as well, very soon.

Interior Check:

Of course – on the inside, no problems at all. Its a spick-and-span product. The plastic hasn’t seen any kind of change. The only issue is with the glossy grey bit on the inside, which has developed faint scratches. Apart from that, there is nothing wrong with it.

Nothing has gone wrong with the seat fabric as well. Everything seems almost brand new. In terms of space it has always been good, and a total of three can sit comfortably on the back seat. Even the boot with 350 litres of space is adequate.

Tata Nexon Engine and Mileage:

Lets be honest. The engine still retains its punch. There hasn’t been any kind of problems ever, or anything else hasn’t been wrong with the SUV. In terms of engine, this is the 1.5-litre diesel turbo. The refinement is just the same. This engine had some clatter noise at about 15,000kms, however now it has become a lot more quiet. In terms of power, there hasn’t been a change in it and has one of the best in class performance. The SUV continues to offer a good mileage of 15-18km/l in the city. On the open road, the number shoots up to 20-22km/l many-a-times.

The multiple driving modes makes it more flexible. There isn’t a big change in power from Comfort to the Sport mode when you change on the highway. In the city, you do feel the difference. The Eco mode is a good option to switch to, if you are already cruising at about 80-120km/hr, without looking at constant acceleration ot deceleration. With a ground clearance of 209mm, the Nexon is a comfortable choice for bad roads too. No problem even when it is loaded with 5 people and a completely filled boot.

To buy or not to?

We highly recommend you to get the Tata Nexon. It has won most of our SUV comparisons and is still a great value for your buck. What’s more is the reliability and the cost of ownership. It is affordable and we hope this makes you confident to pick up this product.

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  • Tata have been known for their Diesel cars for many years hope this changes with a Petrol car.
    Also do you have any long term review for Petrol car?
    Because the Bs6 Diesel is a bit complicated and no sight of test drive i feel petrol is the only option available