2020 Tata Nexon Electric is a vehicle that will make a strong product like the Tata Nexon even stronger. This SUV will be the first EV available for purchase by Tata. It will join the electric SUV bandwagon of MG and Hyundai who are also introducing this type of product to the market. As far as Tata’s experience is considered in making electric vehicles, they already make the Tata Tigor EV for commercial use and transport in factories. Already the Tata Nexon is deemed to get a facelift and we might see the updated Nexon and it’s EV sibling shown together next year for the first time. The Tata Nexon will be a hot topic of 2020 in Tata’s portfolio. We will know more about this car on December 17th, when it will be unveiled. 

Tata Nexon electric ss 4

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Price

The electric vehicle will be placed at Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 17 lakhs(ex-showroom). This price tag of the vehicle puts is close to the Mahindra XUV300. It will be interesting pricing for sure. Tata will not opt to only have one variant but at least two or three. We will see that if the car is going to be made available with more tech features like a connected car or more. 

2020 Tata Nexon ElectricPrice (Ex-showroom)
BaseRs 15 lakhs
Top-endRs 17 lakhs

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Launch

The unveiling of the vehicle was declared to be on the 16th of December 2019 but now due to some unavoidable circumstances, this has been delayed. The new unveil date for the vehicle is the 19th of December. The cause of this delay is not declared by the company yet. On the day of the unveiling, we expect to get to know the details about the vehicle’s power train and its launch date.

The launch of the vehicle will be in early 2020. This car will command strong attention at the Auto Expo 2020 too. The launch will be paired with the launch of the Tata Nexon Facelift. Tata is going to unveil the car this month on December 17th. The launch of this vehicle will also give Tata a strong footing in the electric market. Their closest rival will be Mahindra, who is also planning the same type of vehicle. Electric is a segment that is slowly picking up in India. The 2 wheeler market has already in production electric vehicle and the four-wheeler segment is facing slack due to BS6 emission norms.

The launch of this vehicle will take place in select cities only for now. These include cities like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Chennai. This will be done because the dealerships in these cities have trained staff and have a charging infrastructure ready for the first phase of the launch. The company has decided to gradually increase its sales and service footprint into the more cites across India. Tata Motor is also expected to provide a charger with every Nexon which can be installed at the buyer’s home. This will improve the post-sales reliability of the vehicle.

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Launching in 2020

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Interiors

As of now the interiors of the vehicle that has been seen are similar to the existing Nexon. The production vehicle will be different from this. The car will get an all-digital unit that will display the battery level and other criteria. These interiors will also show a hint of blue to show that its electric and environmentally friendly. The vehicle will be based on the new facelifted Nexon and this might change some design. But overall the vehicle will remain the same from inside.

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Exteriors

The exteriors of the Tata Nexon Electric have been heavily camouflaged till now. The car still looks like an existing version of the Tata Nexon. As this design is available and easy to work on the prototype will be made on this. The facelift will not change much in terms of structure. The front of the vehicle will be based on the design of the Harrier and will give it a bolder stance. The car already looks so much mean and with this facelift, it’s expected to look even meaner. The electric vehicle will be will have a more futuristic design suggesting its futuristic appeal.

Tata Nexon electric ss

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Safety

The safety of the vehicle won’t be any different from the regular Tata Nexon. The Tata Nexon is the safest car in the Tata lineup and this will directly translate to the Electric variant of the vehicle. The vehicle will have all standard safety features and along with this the car’s design makes it structurally strong and resists impact damage. The safety features also include

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Range

The range of the vehicle has made it a sub 4 meter SUV get to 300 km mark. This is all on a single charge. The fun part is that the vehicle can charge on any 15 A charger wall socket. This makes the vehicle prepared for India. Tata has analyzed the problem that India faces with an electric vehicle. Majorly India does not have to charge infrastructure for electric vehicles. Tata claims that the vehicle can be charged at any 15 Ampere charging points. This makes it easy as most of the places in India are equipped with this. Another problem is the weight of the batteries. This also acts in its favor as the batteries are placed on the floor of the vehicle and will provide a low center of gravity. The 250 km range is something to be worried about. To counterbalance that the vehicle does not pollute as compared to the regular Nexon which has a range of  748 km on a full tank. This is almost 2 times the range of an electric vehicle. Now, this raises a question that why would anyone buy a car that has a range half of a combustion vehicle and also for a higher cost.

Nexon Electric

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Electricals

As for the Ziptron powertrain technology, Tata has announced that all cars to feature this technology will offer a range of over 250 km on a single charge. It will use a Lithium-Ion battery, which will be liquid-cooled and IP67 certified for water and dust resistance. Tata has also announced that it will be offering 8-years warranty on the battery, and as for the electric motor, it is a permanent magnet AC motor with regenerative braking which charges the battery on the drive.

Tata Nexon electric ss 3

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Spyshots

Tata Nexon electric ss 2

The centre console of the Nexon EV has been spied. It gets a rotary knob for gear selection. The knob also has a setting as S which we speculate would be for the Sport mode. The hand brake of the vehicle when disengaged will become one with the centre console. There is a lot of storage space in the centre console. Also, there is news of a cruise control button that will be available on this vehicle which is not on the regular Nexon.

Nexon EV Centre dial Nexon EV Gear knob

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Colours

For now, the Nexon is available in five color options:

  • Moroccan Blue
  • Vermont Red
  • Seattle Silver
  • Glasgow Grey
  • Calgary White

Along with these color options, a black is expected in the Nexon. This will be an all-black color variant which is expected to also be seen on the Harrier this year.

2020 Tata Nexon Electric Competition

This vehicle will be a direct competition to the upcoming Mahindra XUV 300 electric. As far as EV is considered for now the Hyundai Kona is a full-size SUV with a range of 300 km. This far more pricey than the regular vehicle.

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