Hero MotoCorp has discontinued the Impulse as the brand is now working on a new bigger engine capacity Impulse bikes. The original Impulse was launched with a 150cc engine. There are likely to be two and not one Impulse motorcycles on offer, one will be a 200cc and the other a 250cc. Soon we will see the Hero Impulse 200/250. We were the first to reveal these facts. Hero is working on a more powerful version of the Impulse and there are new reports that also claim the same.

Hero MotoCorp had seen a delay in its plans to get a 200cc version of the Impulse as the company was busy setting a new R&D facility in Jaipur. It was only after that Hero has commenced work on the same. There were other delays also, just the bankruptcy of EBR, which lead to slow down of processes. This meant that Hero had to re-think its ideas and work on all concepts once again. Due to this reason, Hero had to push its 200cc engine projects. The XTreme 200S was showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo, but it didn’t turn into a reality due to these reasons. In the last two years, only the Splendor iSmart 110 and the Glamour 125 have been launched as new bikes. Apart from this, there have been no other launches for the Hero brand.

Hero Impulse 200/250 Engine

The new HX250 R that was showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo will be sharing its engine with this Impulse, while a new 200cc engine is being developed for the Impulse along with another Hero motorcycle. Hero will be launching the Impulse 200/250 sometime in early 2016. The Impulse 250cc will get a newly developed fuel injection system from Hero like to be a digitally controlled fuel injection. The 200cc engine was displayed at the 2016 Auto Expo on the Hero Xtreme 200S. This is another new important bike for the company.

Hero Impulse 200/250

Both the engines will be single-cylinder, the 250cc engine will produce 31bhp of power, while the 200cc will produce about 23bhp.Hero will target the Pulsar 200 range with its new engine and maybe the KTM 200s with its 250cc bikes in pricing. The Karizma is likely to co-exist and there will be 200cc, 223cc and 250cc bikes in Hero’s current range of motorcycles.

Hero Impulse 200/250 Launch Date

The Impulse 250 will be launched post the arrival of the HX 250, while the Impulse will make a debut post the Xtreme 200S. So, the 250cc one should be launched by 2018.

Hero Impulse 200 Price

We are expecting the pricing of this bike to be somewhere in the range of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.25 lakhs. This will be ideal for a bike of this size and it will help Hero enhance its sales numbers. Passionate adventure bikers with a low budget will look at Impulse as an exciting offering for the Indian bike market. This will add on to the numbers of the company. Even Honda is diversifying its products and getting different styles for the Indian market to grow its market share.



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  • xPulse has been launched

  • If impulse is launching agian ao not

    Not expulse

  • Ian waiting

  • Hi Dushanta

    The new Xtreme 200S is coming today – 30th Jan and we are expecting the Impulse to follow up sometime soon. Both will have the same engine.

  • Please….!
    Indicate Me When Launch My
    “HERO IMPULSE 200cc”

  • Hopefully it’ll not be under geared like it’s predecessor…. (If it to be used as a tourer )and has some optional goodies like a center stand for those late-night flats and a differently styled larger gas tank with a broader seat ( not all of us have dainty rear ends ) …Peace Out

  • I have an impulse but sometimes I feel it is not having enough power I would definitely appreciate to have a new impulse with 200 or 250cc

  • I wating for new hero impulse 200
    Please indicate me when launch my Dream

  • I am so so happy that Hero is launches 250 cc impulse off road bike.
    I am very happy coz Hero is fully indian bike.
    Pls give me bike summary detail
    Engine,Rpm, dubble break front,
    I am used royal enfild Himalya but its so more waight.
    I driving off road but circumtances bike is so waight not jumped.
    But hero impulse 150 rpm is 8500.
    My royal enfild 413 rpm is 6500
    So i want pls making impulse 250 rpm is 10000.
    Thats all for today take care your faithfully tinku sarraf