2018 Suzuki Swish 150 is in the making it seems. Suzuki had recently showcased a 150cc Swish 2018 at the EICMA 2017. This is what we can expect to make it to the Indian market as well. There has been an increase in demand for performance scooters especially with the Aprilia SR 150 coming into the picture. There is a good change of this good to come in. There are multiple reasons behind it.

The new Suzuki Swish 150 comes with an engine that could be shared with the existing Suzuki Gixxer and the Intruder. Both these bikes have the engine used in different state of tune. Suzuki hasn’t been highly successful in the Indian scooter market but the Access 125 is doing decent numbers. With Aprilia being a new player that is off to a blazing start, Suzuki will want to tap on this segment as well. Suzuki Swish will be a good product for the Indian car market. Suzuki is looking at enhancing its market reach with this new scooter.

2018 Suzuki Swish 150 2018 Launch Date

The unveil will happen at the 2018 Auto Expo, but we reckon this will not be a launch. At the Auto Expo Suzuki will unveil this new scooter for the Indian market. The launch will happen something soon. Expecting it be in sometime around April-May 2018. Suzuki is looking at offering more products based on the existing 150cc engine it has. The Swish 150 or whatever the final name is, Suzuki will get it into the Indian market soon.

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2018 Suzuki Swish 150 safety?

2018 Suzuki Swish 150 side

As the Swish launch is due sometime soon, Suzuki will offer this 150cc scooter with either ABS or combi braking. As per the new government mandate all 2-wheelers in excess of 125cc need to have ABS or combi-braking as a compulsion. This will mean that the Swish 150 will get that feature too.

2018 Suzuki Swish 150 Specifications

In terms of specifications, the Swish will be the most powerful scooter in India. This 155cc engine will churn about 14bhp of power. This will mean about 3 bhp more than the Aprilia SR 150. This will mean that Swish will be the most powerful offering on paper. In terms of on road performance, we will have to wait for a while and decide if the Swish is a good option to consider or no. At the moment, it is tad early to come to any kind of conclusion. This engine will come mated to a CVT and this is also an air-cooled single-cylinder option. This engine is silent and is butter smooth. The acceleration of this engine is very good and it is fun to ride this engine.

2018 Suzuki Swish 150 Mileage

In terms of fuel efficiency, it might be a tad early to come to any kind of conclusion on the Swish. The new Swish will have a fuel efficiency of about 35-40km/l. This will be in city and even on the highway. Suzuki engines have been highly fuel-efficient. This is a tad less than the 125cc scooters. The mileage of 110cc scooters is close to 45-50km/l at the most in real world conditions.

2018 Suzuki Swish 150 Top Speed

This scooter should have a top speed of close to 100km/hr. This is a tad less than the Aprilia SR 150, but the Suzuki Swish 150 isn’t about pure performance only. It is performance, features and mileage. A complete package that Suzuki wants to offer to Indian buyers.

2018 Suzuki Swish Features

There shall be a list of features on offer on this new scooter. Suzuki will be looking at offering mobile charger, external fuel lid, light in the boot, daytime running LED, LED tail lamp and even 13-inch wheels. Suzuki will want to get a performance scooter that isn’t just quick but fun also. There will be ABs or combi brakes on this scooter from the very beginning. Suzuki will give a digital speedometer and Eco mode it seems. The Aprilia will have bigger wheels and tad better performance and handling. Where the Suzuki will shine will be its features, comfort and performance without any compromise on the ride. The Suzuki engine will have a more uniform engine performance too.


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