Bajaj is working on an all-new electric bike that will be called as Urbanite. This is an all-new bike that is believed to be in works. The Bajaj Urbanite shall be the first bike that is fully EV. It was very recently Mr. Nitin Gadkari announced that automakers will have to move on to electric vehicles, else they will not have a chance to survive in the Indian market. Due to these reasons, Bajaj Auto has already begun work on electric vehicles and the first set of motorcycles are likely to make their debut in 2020. These new bikes will be launched under the Urbanite brand. These will be promoted as fun to ride motorcycles. The electric scooter has been spotted in Pune while being tested. Scroll to take a look at the Scooter.

Bajaj Urbanite – a good move?

Bajaj has been working on performance motorcycles and the company has moved out of making scooters, turning itself into a motorcycle brand. In an interview with Livemint, Rajeev Bajaj stated that there is work going on this new bike and it will be called as Urbanite sub-brand. This new generation of bike will be manufactured not just for India but even for other markets. There will be a slew of electric motorcycles coming in. Bajaj is likely to be the first mover if they get into performance biking. At the moment, we aren’t ready with our infrastructure to support electric vehicles. There is already Tork Motorcycles, which has got all electric-powered motorcycles.

Bajaj Urbanite Spy shot

Bajaj Urbanite Specifications

A tad too early to start anything with regards to its specifications. Bajaj has been working on an electric bike and this will have good performance and maybe a good replacement for the Pulsar family if all electric bikes are made compulsory. There is already a Tork T6X motorcycle that has been made available in the market. This bike has all the bits that one will look for in a motorcycle. At the moment, we aren’t sure on how will the buyers expect electric motorcycles. At the moment, it is a tad too early to state anything. Though it will be more focused on performance than consumer-oriented. Bajaj will be looking at adding more such bikes into its fleet and slowly move towards adding the 100cc replacement bikes.

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Bajaj Urbanite Launch Date

This new bike will be launched by early or mid-2020. It won’t be anytime before that you will see an electric bike from Bajaj. The Urbanite will come with all the features offered on a 200cc Bajaj bike, just that the engine will be replaced by an electric motor. This will add on to the advantage of the motorcycle and make it a good option to consider for many.

Bajaj Urbanite Spy shot 2

Bajaj Urbanite Price

We expect this bike to have a similar price to that of the 200cc motorcycles. So, the pricing should be close to Rs 1 lakh. This will be cheaper due to lower taxes that have been applied on this new bike. This will make it an exciting offering to consider.


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