New Mahindra Armada 2017 to come in?

It was just a while ago that images of the new rendered images of the Mahindra Armada were floating the web. These were created from the new;y launched Jeep Wrangler four-door version. Mahindra Armada was one of the best-selling SUVs and in fact it was this SUV that had created an all new segment back in the days. Mahindra’s first product, which let to the birth of the Bolero. The Bolero did turn around the tables for the company and since then there has been no looking back. So, is the new Mahindra Armada 2017 into making? We share all the details.

New Mahindra Armada 2017 Price

This new SUV shall be priced under the Bolero. So, we expect it to be priced at INR 6 lakhs (on-road) for the base model to about INR 7.5 lakhs for the top model. This will be undercutting the Bolero if ever it comes back.
New Mahindra Armada 2017 side

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New Mahindra Armada 2017 Launch Date

We expect this to come on the Bolero platform itself, if it is ever made. We really doubt if Mahindra is making one at the moment as the company is focusing on getting new products that will revolution the market. Well, the Armada is one name that the company has already spent a lot of money on in its early days. Maybe, it is a good time to invest on it a bit more and get more results.

We aren’t certain if the new Mahindra Armada will ever made it into production. What we reckon Mahindra could do, is make a prototype of the Armada and showcase it at some of the Expos to gauge what the audience has to say about it. This could be an easy way to get an answer on this new product. This shouldn’t harm the brand and in fact add more value to it.

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New Mahindra Armada 2017
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