Are you in the market to buy a compact sedan? There are so many of them. To begin with, there is the Maruti Suzuki DZire, Tata Zest, Ford Figo Aspire, Volkswagen Ameo, Hyundai XCent and the Honda Amaze. Now, the new Tata Kite 5 will be entering this segment soon. This looks the most stylish of the lot. So, what does the Tata Kite 5 offer? We do a detailed comparison of the Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire. We tell you which will be a better option.

Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire Design

If you look at the design, the DZire looks old and out of shape. On the other hand, the Kite 5 looks stylish and trendy. This is the most stylish looking compact sedan. Tata seems to have got the design perfect for a compact sedan and this is likely to be the design philosophy others can look at opting as well. The fastback makes the Kite 5 look stylish and trendy. The black roof adds on to the glam factor. Now, the new trend for compact sedans could be the fastback styling. Tata Kite 5 wins this segment hands down.

Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire

Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire Interiors

On the inside, the Maruti DZire isn’t just spacious but is practical too. There is sufficient space for two people and there is more than enough head room and knee room in both the rows. The Tiago feels more spacious than the DZire somehow.  The Maruti design has been in use since 2011 and now it has aged. So, the Kite 5 seems a lot more fresh. Even in boot size, the Kite 5 will have a much larger boot than the DZire. Again the Kite5 wins.

Tata Kite 5 interior

Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire Engine

Here is where the DZire scores the most. The 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel engines are the best offerings. These engines are peppy, easy to drive and are fuel efficient too. They are good for the city and even the highway. The Kite 5’s engines are easy to drive too and have good efficiency. But these engines do not have as good performance as the DZire. This is where Maruti scores more. The Kite 5 has good power, but it doesn’t match up to Maruti performance.

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Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire Mileage

This is a close call. Both the sedans have good mileage and are close to each other in fuel efficiency. The petrols return about 12-14 km/l in the city, while the diesels are more efficient at 16-19 km/l depending on the driving.

Tata Kite 5 rear

Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire Price

Here is where Tata will have an edge. The Kite 5 will be priced more aggressively than the DZire. This will make it a good option to consider. Especially as it will be based on the Tiago platform. The Tiago has been doing well for the company and Tata Motors will want to carry on with the same momentum. The Kite 5 will be priced between INR 5 lakhs to INR 7.5 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai). This will be a lot more affordable than the Maruti DZire.

Maruti DZire

Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire Features

The features on offer are also adequate on both. DZire comes with keyless entry, push start and stop, bluetooth and reverse parking sensors. On the other hand, the Tata Kite 5 will get touchscreen system with Harman eight-speaker system. Tata Motors has loaded the Kite 5 with more features. The Kite 5’s cabin looks a lot more appealing than the DZire.

There is a rear air-con vent in the DZire and the Kite 5 might not get it. The practicality on both the sedans is good. Each of them have a lot of cup holders, bottle holders, file holder etc. This makes both good value for money products.

Tata Kite 5 vs Maruti DZire Maintenance and Resale

In terms of maintenance, both the Kite 5 and the DZire will be valuable. There won’t be a major difference in service cost. However, in resale Maruti has an edge over Tata Motors. So, the resale of the DZire will be better than the Kite 5 and even the number of dealerships for Maruti Suzuki are a lot more than Tata Motors.