7 Luxury Features Offered Only In Tata Cars

Features kya kya hai? It is the first question most people ask when we buy new cars in India. To make you feel proud while answering this question, automakers in India have gone crazy by offering premium features right from low segment cars. Tata Motors, on the other hand, has gone ahead of the competition and offers some of the luxurious features which are not offered in the cars even a couple of segments above.
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Tata Car Features – Full Map View Instrument Cluster

Now if we talk about one of the premium features, the digital instrument cluster is one of the features that automakers are offering. That said, Tata Motors took one step ahead and started offering a fully customizable digital instrument cluster. One such stand out feature that it gets is full map view. The Nexon, Nexon EV and Punch EV get a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster with full map view. Interestingly, this feature is not offered in their respective segments or even in cars of one segment above. The next segment to offer this feature is the mid-size SUV segment of Mahindra XUV700 and Tata Safari.

Ventilated rear seats

Next we have the famous rear ventilated seats feature of the Tata Safari. Now generally cars come with front ventilated seats which is a boon in India’s hot climate. Well, Tata being kind, offered rear seat ventilation in the 6-seater version of the Safari. To make you understand the importance of this feature, cars ranging above Rs 1.5 to Rs 2 crores offer rear seat ventilation. Cars like Mercedes Maybach or Land Rover Range Rover offer this feature. So if you own a Safari 6-seater, you can flex about rear seat ventilation.

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Tata Car Features – Gearbox & Shift-by- wire

Just like the rear seat ventilation, the gear lever used in the recently facelifted Tata SUVs can be seen in luxury SUVs like Range Rover. Also note that we are talking about automatics only. So if you take a close look at the gear lever of the Range Rover, you will feel like Tata has used the exact same unit in its SUVs. The gear lever feels exactly the same.

Now it’s not just the design, but even the functionality is something which is offered in higher segment cars. We are talking about the shift-by-wire tech which Tata calls E-Shifter. Now here we are not including EVs which anyway get shift-by-wire as there are no mechanical parts in EVs. That said, along with the Harrier, Safari & Nexon, even the Altroz gets shift-by-wire technology. The major advantage of this feature is that it eliminates all the vibrations that you can feel on the gear lever. Previously, Skoda Octavia, which was priced above 35 lakh, offered this feature. 

Welcome & Goodbye Animation on Front & Rear LED DRL

Another cool feature that Tata cars offer is welcome & goodbye animation on front & rear LED DRL. Now we all know that after the facelift, all the Tata SUVs get connected LED DRLs and connected LED tail lamps. However, these are not ordinary connected lights that you see on other cars. To add a feel good factor, Tata has added animations in these lights, each time you lock & unlock the car. In fact on the Nexon and Punch EVs, the connected DRL works like a charging indicator! How cool is that! The only car to give animations in the lights is the Skoda Kodiaq which is priced roughly around Rs 45 lakh.

Tata Car Features – V2V in Nexon EV

Last year in September 2023, Tata launched the facelifts of the Nexon and the Nexon EV. Both the SUVs received a major exterior & interior change, along with an increase in the feature list. Talking about the Nexon EV specifically, Tata Motors offered the feature V2V or vehicle to vehicle charging function. Now as the name suggests, you can literally charge another EV car with your Nexon EV. It is one of the premium features the Nexon EV gets, after the Hyundai Ioniq, which is again, priced at Rs 50 lakh in India.

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Xpress Cooling

Xpress Cooling is one of those features available only in Tata cars. This feature is a boon in the summers as it helps to cool down the car in no time. You just need to press the button and both AC and fan functions in full blow! Also, if the outside temperature is too high, the driver side window rolls down for faster cooling.

Tata Car Features – 19-inch Alloy Wheels

Finally, we have the 19-inch alloy wheels offered on the Tata Safari and Dark Edition of the Tata Harrier. Generally, SUVs like even the Toyota Fortuner get 18-inch alloy wheels. However, Tata went a step further by offering larger, 19-inch wheels in its SUVs. The only SUV after Safari to offer 19-inch wheels is the MG Gloster, an SUV which is positioned 2-3 segments above. Now this is not the first Tata car to get 19-inch wheels as the Tata Hexa got these back in 2017!

Bonus Feature – 90–degree opening doors

90-degree opening doors is again a Tata specific feature which is offered in the Altroz and the Punch. It might be a gimmick for some but honestly, this adds to the overall functionality. 90-degree opening doors eases the process of getting in and out of the Altroz and the Punch. So just how cool it looks when all four doors are fully open, the elderly person in your family will find them equally helpful!

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