Kia has quickly become one of the key players in the automotive sector in the country. Recently, it launched the Seltos facelift and is now planning to bring the Sonet facelift. However, Kia wants to do something very unique in the Indian market. It is planning an SUV to sit between the Seltos and Sonet. This car has been internally codenamed AY. In today’s article, let’s talk about the Kia AY. 

Upright looks

kia AY

The car is internally codenamed the AY and is going to sit between the Sonet and Seltos in the brand’s lineup. It is going to be a new ground-up car that will be under 4 meters to get the tax benefits. According to company sources, the new SUV will come with a tall-boy design similar to the Kia Soul sold globally. It will also get a tough off-roader exterior design separating it from the Seltos and Sonet. 

The AY will come with better interior space management compared to the Sonet. It will have more legroom and also offer more headroom due to its tall boy design. 

ICE and EV powertrain

According to sources, the AY will come with petrol and ICE powertrains. The ICE powertrain could be the 1.0-litre turbo petrol that powers the Sonet currently. It will not come with 4WD capabilities but come with a front-wheel drive setup. However, the EV could get an extra motor giving it off-road capabilities in the higher variants. 

Kia AY – More details

kia AY

The AY will be manufactured in the country and will also be exported to other RHD overseas markets. Kia plans to annually produce 1 lakh units of the AY (ICE + EV). When is it coming? Kia plans to launch the AY by 2025. It is not clear if it will bring the ICE model first or the EV model. Like the Sonet and Seltos, the AY will come with a plethora of engine and transmission options targeting a wide price between Rs 12 lakh and Rs 24 lakh (ex-showroom). 


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