Jeep is in quite a peculiar situation in the Indian market. It has become the least-selling brand in the country and is constantly dropping in sales. Now Jeep has faced a setback even in its global market, with the Renegade scoring an abysmal safety rating. It even misguided people by using old scores. In today’s article, let’s talk about Jeep Renegade. 

Jeep Renegade

Jeep India safety

The Renegade is one of Jeep’s premium models, and it is quite shocking that it has scored so poorly in the crash test. In the Latin NCAP test, the Renegade with two airbags scored a solitary star. The diagram showed that it only offered adequate safety to the driver while good safety to the front passenger. In the side impact, it showed a heavy impact on the head. 

Misleading customers

Latin NCAP was also critical of Jeep misleading the customer by using the 5-star rating that Renegade got in 2015. According to Latin NCAP, manufacturers can use the star rating for four years after the publication date. Jeep continued using the 2015 result after four years and continues to use it on the 2023 model. This is a major concern as now the car has scored just 1 star. 

Jeep Safety in India

Jeep India safety

Jeep currently sells Compass & Meridian majorly in India. Both these cars are not tested by Global NCAP. Globally, Compass has scored five stars in Euro NCAP and Australian NCAP. But the brand has never promoted them in the Indian market, raising the question of safety. The Jeep Meridian is yet to be tested.

Jeep India’s statement

“We are unable to comment about a product that is neither available in India nor is it planned for the market. What I can confirm is that all Jeep nameplates sold in India are Made in India and confirm to the highest safety standards.”

Jeep India safety – sales

Jeep India safety

Jeep India’s sales have been on a constant decline in the last few months. In June, Jeep sold only 493 units of cars in the country. The brand faced a YoY drop of 74%, which is massive. These are abysmal figures, and people are losing their trust in the brand. Jeep will have to do something to improve this situation. It needs to bring some new cars to build trust among customers.

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