The Honda Activa maintains its top position in the Indian market because of its synonymous nature with low maintenance costs, high mileage and reliability. Honda’s constant will to update it and stay in line with the competition has also helped the Activa brand name to flourish in the market. We are used to seeing a new generation scooter after every two years with numerous upgrades. So, what’s next for the new generation model? Let’s talk about the 2024 Honda Activa 7G.

2024 Honda Activa 7G – What to expect?

2024 Honda Activa 7G

The overall design of the Activa hasn’t received any significant overhaul over the years. However, we can expect the upcoming model to look sharper and more aggressive to appeal to younger audiences. Talking about the engine, it is likely to continue the same 109.51cc motor that produces 7bhp and 8.79Nm of torque. Moreover, the new Activa is also expected to get a hybrid setup. What about features? In contemporary times where features have become the talking point, Honda might add features like a new digital instrument cluster, BT connectivity, USB charging and more. The brand could also upgrade it with some bigger tyres for high-speed stability and improved ride quality. 

2024 Honda Activa 7G – Other details 

2024 Honda Activa 7G

Honda launched the 5G in 2018 and 6G in 2020, so by this time frame it could have launched the 7G last year. However, now we can expect the scooter to come by mid-2023. What about pricing? The pricing of the model is expected to increase by Rs 5,000 to 10,000 depending upon the variant. It totally depends on the updates it is supposed to get. Are you waiting for the Activa 7G? Let us know in the comments. 

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