The car buying trend has gradually evolved over the years. Now, the electrification wave has pushed every automaker to provide electric cars but its premium pricing is not what a mass market buyer can afford. So, what’s feasible? Hybrid cars are in major focus for various automakers as they seem a smooth bridge between ICE and EV. One such manufacturer who has forayed its plans is Maruti Suzuki. Its new strong hybrid vehicles are bound to come in the year 2024. These cars are likely to become the most fuel-efficient in India. How so? Let’s know more in detail.

Most fuel efficient car in India – New Maruti Swift and Dzire

fuel efficient car India

Maruti is said to be working on the strong hybrid versions of its ever-popular cars in India. We are talking about the Swift and Dzire which are likely to imbibe the strong hybrid powertrain setup. This addition is likely to be a similar unit like we have seen on the Grand Vitara SUV. We all are familiar with the collaboration of Maruti and Toyota which has been a fruitful deal for both brands. So, Maruti could bring an updated version enacted from the well-known hybrid carmakers of the world (Toyota).

fuel efficient car India

The current Grand Vitara and the upcoming Toyota Innova HyCross are induced with hybrid setup which has taken up fuel efficiency to another level. The Grand Vitara hybrid has claimed a figure of 27.97kmpl which is staggering for a C-segment SUV. Maruti could use this hybrid tech as their prime factor to churn out an alleged astonishing mileage figure of around 40kmpl! Yes, Maruti is likely to bolt up a completely new 3-cylinder 1.2-litre engine in the upcoming Swift and add the hybrid setup to it. This engine is codenamed as ‘Z12E’ which could be seen first in the Swift hatchback and then hopefully in the Dzire.

Pricing of most fuel efficient car India

fuel efficient car India

If we talk about hybrid powertrains, they are not exactly in the affordable category. Ironically, the Swift and the Dzire currently lie in the fairly affordable sector. Therefore, Maruti has to bring down the prices of its new hybrid cars. There are constant efforts from both Toyota and Maruti to implement heavy localization for their hybrid powertrain. But, we should hold up with the fact that it won’t be cheaper.

fuel efficient car India

The current prices of the Swift start around Rs 6.95lakh (on-road, Mumbai) and if we talk about the upcoming hybrid powertrain, it is expected to be substantially higher. So, it depicts a high chance that the strong hybrid would be kept exclusively on the higher variants who want to spend that extra buck and save later in the running cost. 

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