The EV wave has been going a long way in the Indian market. A number of manufacturers have their technologically advanced EVs in the pipeline. But, it has become a fact that affordability with technological advancements is the crucial answer to promoting electric mobility in India. Following these steps, Kia is bringing a new affordable EV in the upcoming years. What is this new EV? Let us know in detail. 

Kia affordable EV plans

Kia affordable EV

The South Korean automaker has the EV6 on its electric portfolio in India. But, if you see its pricing, it is north of 65lakh, making it inaccessible for many buyers. So, to tackle this situation, Kia is working on a new affordable EV for similar developing countries like India. This new under-development vehicle is codenamed ‘AY’ which is also likely to be made in India. Then, Kia is expected to export this car to other emerging markets. 

Kia affordable EV – Expectations 

Kia affordable EV

Kia is set to bring this EV on a modular platform. This will help the brand to offer ICE as well as EV options for this car. Other than this we can expect this to be an SUV or a crossover which has become the new trend in the market. What about features? We can expect it to get all the bells and whistles as Kia is one such brand that doesn’t think twice about offering features. 

Launch Plans

Kia affordable EV

The South Korean manufacturer plans to bring 14 new EVs on a global scale. This would completely diversify Kia’s EV portfolio throughout the world. This new affordable EV would be a part of this plan and could be seen somewhere around 2025. What about pricing? As the brand is looking forward to targeting the affordable segment, the prices of this car is expected to range around Rs 20lakh. 

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