Kia began its EV journey in India with the EV6 in 2022. The EV6 is Kia’s marquee electric offering. Considering its price, it was however restricted to a niche audience. But like very other brand, Kia would also be looking to leave a bigger mark in this space. So what can Kia do next? Kia will have to bring an affordable EV option for the Indian audience. Kia knows this and has already started working on one. Currently, the benchmark in the affordable electric car segment is the Tata Nexon EV. So, Kia would definitely want to take on the Nexon EV. In today’s article, we will talk about the Kia Nexon EV rival. 

New development

Kia Nexon EV rival

Kia & Hyundai both have confirmed that they are working on an affordable EV for the Indian market. Recently, a report surfaced that Hyundai could use an existing platform to build its EV. By doing so, Hyundai will save cost and time as building a ground-up EV is expensive and time-consuming. Considering the popularity of SUVs, Hyundai could use the architecture of the Venue. Can Kia do the same with the Sonet? Probably yes, as Venue & Sonet are based on the same architecture.

Kia Sonet EV?

Kia Nexon EV rival

The Sonet EV could be based on a modified version of its existing platform to suit the EV requirements. What about the specifications? It is hard to speculate about the specifications as these are just speculations. However, Kia will have to offer this EV with a range of atleast 350km, taking into consideration the growing segment standards. Like other Kia cars, this EV is also expected to come loaded with features. The Sonet is already one of the most feature-loaded cars in its segment and the EV could take it one step further. Could ADAS be a feature on offer? There are high chances for this to happen. Why, you ask? Because ADAS is something that has seen multi-fold growth in popularity in the country. By the time this EV arrives, it is expected to become a standard feature.

Kia Nexon EV rival – Launch timeline and pricing?

Kia Nexon EV rival

Like Hyundai, Kia has already confirmed that it is working on an affordable EV for the Indian market. Currently, Kia is focusing on delivering the EV6. When can we expect Kia’s affordable EV? Hyundai has tentatively confirmed that it will be launching its affordable EV by the end of 2024, so we can expect a similar timeline for Kia’s iteration. What about pricing? Kia will have to price it competitively to take on the Nexon EV and the upcoming Mahindra XUV400.

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