iPhones have become the epitome of phone industry. Such has been their impact that September is often called the iPhone month. Why is that so? It is because in September, Apple launches the new iPhone lineup. This year, Apple launched the iPhone 14 series. Apple has brought in a lot of bleeding-edge technology. But one of those that stands out for car owners is crash detection. Apple did showcase the feature at the event, and now someone has tested the feature in the real world as well. In today’s article, let’s talk about this important iPhone feature for car.

Real-world test

important iPhone feature

Crashing a car to just test a feature seems too far-fetched, but anything is possible on Youtube. TechRax, a YouTube channel has tested this feature in the real world. In the test, we can see the car being remotely controlled to crash into stationary objects. The iPhone detects even a 20kmph crash. As soon as the phone detects the crash, it quickly displays a popup “It looks like you’ve been in a crash“. If you don’t respond to this text, the iPhone will automatically start a countdown to call the emergency services. It will also ring a loud whoop sound to attract your attention. However, TechRax didn’t trigger the call as it was only an experiment. 

Important Phone feature – What happens if the call connects?

important iPhone feature

After the call is made, the iPhone will play out a lopped audio message. Initially, the audio will be very loud at 5-second intervals, but after a while, the volume is reduced. This is done so that in case emergency responders have reached they can speak with you. If you have setup up emergency contacts, then a message will be sent to your contact with your location. Also, if you have set up a medical ID on your iPhone, it will display critical information like Blood Group to the first responders. 

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