The EV market is growing at a rapid pace. A lot of new manufacturers are entering this segment to capitalise on this growth. Smartphone manufacturers are also investing a lot of money to enter the EV space. The auto industry has been seeing this change for some time now, with a lot of startups entering this space. In today’s article, we will see a list of Smartphone makers making EVs. 


Smartphone makers making EVs

Apple, one of the biggest and well-known smartphone manufacturers, is also working on an electric car. It is no longer a secret that Apple’s vehicle project is focused on building an autonomous car. The brand has high ambitions with this rumoured car and invested a lot of money in this project. Apple has set a tentative launch date in 2025. 


Smartphone makers making EVs

Samsung is also working on a car to rival the Apple car in the future. Samsung is collaborating with Renault to develop a car. The company is dubbed Renault Samsung Motors. It debuted the XM3 Inspire concept at the 2018 Moscow auto salon in Russia. With Samsung’s expertise in sensors and radars, it is quite ambitious in its car project. 

Smartphone makers making EVs- Oppo

Smartphone makers making EVs

Oppo is the second biggest manufacturer in the Chinese market. It is owned by the BBK group. Oppo has recently been in the news as it is studying how to build an electric car. Oppo already has a lot of patents on self-driving technology, which it can implement in this new car. The tentative launch time of this vehicle is in 2023 or 2024.


Smartphone makers making EVs

Foxconn is famous for manufacturing iPhones. But it is also quite a big name due to its technological prowess. The company has established a joint-venture with Taiwanese auto-maker Yulon Motors and has revealed three prototype vehicles. Foxconn has not revealed any launch date, but it is expected to launch these cars in the next 2 to 4 years. 


Smartphone makers making EVs

Like Oppo, OnePlus is also owned by the BBK group and is working on entering the EV space. Last month OnePlus trademarked electric cycles, scooters and autonomous cars in the Indian market. These vehicles are expected to be launched under the “OnePlus life” brand. We expect a OnePlus Scooter in the next 1 or 2 years. 

Smartphone makers making EVs- Xiaomi

Smartphone makers making EVs

Another Chinese technology giant, Xiaomi, is also working on Electric vehicles. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently confirmed that the company is on track to developing an electric car in 2024. Xiaomi also recently acquired an autonomous driving tech company hinting towards their autonomous car ambitions. 

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